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Are you well-equipped to embrace digital health?

COVID-19 has made it unavoidable for healthcare providers’ services to evolve from the traditional approach and adopt digital healthcare with new-age digital technologies to improve workflows, reduce the turnaround time, and increase the effectiveness of telehealth and virtual care management. Digital is no longer a differentiator for healthcare organizations. In fact, virtual interactions between doctors and patients have now become a necessity to expand the quality and reach of care. Thus, digital transformation in the healthcare industry is essential for organizations to have a competitive edge. Patients today are not only getting accustomed to on-demand and personalized healthcare experiences but also demanding the ability to self-manage their health and well-being. 

However, with implementation hurdles such as deciding on the emerging technologies worth investing in, integrating legacy systems with new digital/mobile technologies, upskilling the IT staff, and identifying cybersecurity threats, devising an effective strategy to bring about digital transformation can feel really overwhelming for healthcare organizations.

With a sharp focus on continuous care and patient adherence, Hexaware leverages Industry 4.0 technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence to help healthcare IT solutions providers in strategizing and improving patient care through technology.

Service Offerings

  • It is estimated that 20% of patients in the U.S. consume 80% of health care costs and “Super-users” with complex medical needs make up a small fraction of U.S. patients, but they account for half of the nation’s overall healthcare spending. And with healthcare systems dealing with depleting resources and an increase in demand for access to healthcare, technology is seen as the driver of change. Hexaware’s cloud-based Care collaboration platform is built by studying these existing gaps in care coordination services. Our platform provides a superior customer experience and connects all the stakeholders across the organization including patients. The solution is focused on empowering care providers with the ability to offer comprehensive, yet flexible care coordination services at the click of a button.

  • As our healthcare services struggle to care for patients outside of the physical boundaries of a clinic or hospital, Covid-19 has provided an opportunity for the implementation of remote patient monitoring. With real-time data from IoT-enabled devices, care providers’ lives have been made a little easier, resulting in shorter patient stays and lower re-admission rates. With this in mind, Hexaware’s platform can be integrated with a range of IoT devices to monitor patients remotely, giving access to a real-time view of patient’s health data to care providers. And this view enables care providers to offer timely interventions to patients resulting in better health outcomes while improving operational efficiencies.

  • COVID-19 has accelerated the implementation of Telemedicine services across healthcare organizations and enabling them to reach their patients irrespective of their locations. Hexaware’s Customer-centric telemedicine platform enables patients and care providers to virtually connect at a click of a button. And Help them in improving patient experience and provide timely care resulting in better outcomes and lower costs. Hexaware’s HIPAA compliant Telemedicine platform enables easy to schedule appointments, access to patient data and easy integration with existing EMR systems.

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