A Large Hospital Chain Goes Digital with PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade  A Large Hospital Chain Goes Digital with PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade 

A Large Hospital Chain Goes Digital with PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade 

Pioneering Digital Transformation in Healthcare


The client is one of the largest healthcare service providers in the US Western region, renowned for their pediatric treatments. With presence in more than 60 locations, the client uses the most innovative digital technology and treatment equipment available to deliver exemplary pediatric and obstetric care. 


A journey with innovation at its heart  

The client wanted to expand and build a state-of-the-art children’s hospital with a clear objective: to harness the full potential of cutting-edge digital technology, offering exceptional pediatric and obstetric care.  

Although the journey began with a powerful vision, the existing PeopleSoft platform was like a rusty anchor, unable to keep up. The release of 9.2 added another layer of urgency as the client’s existing PeopleSoft HCM & FSCM application approached the end of its product support.  

The client faced the following challenges: 

Lack of User-friendly Features: The applications were outdated, with limited usability and a lack of accessibility on smart devices. 

Lack of Visibility: Critical insights were concealed due to the absence of effective dashboards and analytics. 

Complex Processes and Systems: The client grappled with intricate, outdated processes involving a tangle of third-party systems. 

Lack of In-house Talent: The in-house team needed reinforcements to bring the digital vision to life. 

Client’s Technical Environment 

Human Capital Management (HCM): Core HR, eProfile, ePerformance, eCompensation, Base Benefits, Time and Labor, Payroll Interface, TAM/CG 

Financial Management: GL, AP, AR, Purchasing, Asset Management, Project Costing, Inventory, Mobile Inventory 


Hexaware stepped in with a mission: a comprehensive PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade to reshape the future of healthcare. 

  • Modernized Legacy Systems: Hexaware orchestrated an upgrade from PeopleSoft HCM & FSCM 9.1 to the latest 9.2 and PeopleTools 8.53 to 8.54. 
  • Revamped Talent Acquisition Process: We carried out a complete overhaul of talent acquisition processes, reimagined for efficiency and excellence. 
  • Redefined User Experience: Hexaware introduced a fluid user interface that ensured user-friendliness and an aesthetic overhaul. 
  • Provided On-the-Go Access: The solution integrated mobile features for employee self-service and approval processes, enabling accessibility anytime, anywhere. 
  • Optimized Insights-Driven Operations: Hexaware empowered the client to have a 360-degree view of financial and HR operations by leveraging 9.2 WorkCenters.  
  • Streamlined Tracking: The solution enabled the client to track procurement and travel expenses with unparalleled efficiency. 

Hexaware’s approach was as strategic as it was meticulous. They initiated a 4-week workshop, a fusion of their own experts and the client’s IT and business teams. Through this collaborative process, Hexaware gained a profound understanding of the client’s unique requirements and optimally showcased the capabilities of PeopleSoft 9.2. 

To ensure a seamless and successful project, an onsite-offshore model was embraced. Hexaware maintained close ties with the client’s process owners, continuously demonstrating the implemented functionality. 


  • 5x Reduction in Approval Process Time: Tedious approval processes became five times faster. 
  • 80% Faster Hiring Processes: Automation turbocharged hiring processes, ensuring the right talent was brought on board swiftly. 
  • 360-degree View of Operations: With customized WorkCenters, the client has end-to-end visibility into its operations, enhancing informed decision-making and operational excellence.  


A large hospital chain in the US Western region went digital by upgrading its PeopleSoft platform to version 9.2. Facing scalability and support challenges, the hospital chain sought to modernize and enhance its HR and finance processes. Hexaware’s approach involved a combination of legacy modernization, talent acquisition process redesign, and the implementation of the PeopleSoft fluid user interface. The upgrade not only enriched functionalities but also introduced mobile capabilities, ensuring a high-quality user experience for the hospital’s HR and finance operations. 

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