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Digital Transformation Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Due to the unprecedented impact on the patient care paradigm with the onset of COVID-19, healthcare provider solutions have been coaxed into rethinking their business strategies to accelerate digital health adoption. The need for the establishment of a robust, collaborative, scalable, and resilient digital healthcare infrastructure has never been greater. But how do healthcare organizations eliminate the existing barriers to create fertile grounds for efficient digital models? 

The answer indeed lies in technology! By coupling the power of contemporary technology solutions, including cloud architecture, AI, automation, virtual agents and chatbots with well-devised strategic initiatives, healthcare provider services can revamp their patient care delivery models to fulfill the demands of Gen Z patients. 

Having worked with leading hospitals and independent healthcare providers, Hexaware has extensive experience in enabling digital transformation, big data strategy, digital front doors, telemedicine apps and virtual reality training while transitioning towards value-based care. With our domain expertise and capabilities in implementing cognitive technologies, fast-tracking cloud adoption journey and harnessing the power of data, we facilitate healthcare organizations to drive business optimization, which further shrinks their cost of operations. The savings can be invested in maximizing patient touchpoints through omni-channel connect, leading to an unparalleled patient experience.  

Healthcare providers can leverage our outcome-based Revenue Cycle Management solution, which ensures significant financial returns to providers through a unified workflow platform, sophisticated analytics and robotic process automation (RPA). Our RPA-enabled BOTs helped a leading healthcare service provider improve their customer service to ensure faster processing of claims. By automating major areas within claims, the client was able to achieve ROI almost from day 1 of the RPA implementation with the total cost savings of 46% and steady-state savings of ~49%.  

We also helped our clients address the changing healthcare paradigm through our digital health solution offerings encompassing telemedicine, IoT-enabled connected health solutions and care collaboration platforms. We developed a POC mobile app to improve patient care with a point of care service for a leading hospital chain in the US which resulted in the “time to diagnosis” reduction from 5 months (for an in-person visit) to less than 3 hours for a telemedicine consultation. 

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