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    • According to a study, by 2020, every person online will create roughly 1.7 megabytes of new data, per second, every day

    • The increasing data volume is challenging the traditional model of companies

    • There is now an urgency to disintermediate traditional models of managing information

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ReImagining Trust in Hi-Tech, Platforms & Information Services firms

Technology firms usually offer great solutions or platforms for your core business. However, they face challenges when it comes to scaling, supporting and achieving end-to-end effective business solutions. For instance, the leading technology players like Microsoft, Google and AWS have already offered brilliant document intelligence solutions. But don’t you find it difficult to take these offerings and build an end-to-end business solution for resolving practical problems?

Our focus is on bridging this gap by converting technological solutions into effective business solutions. We help you utilize cutting-edge technologies efficiently and derive optimum results out of it. Further, we can also automate your platforms for operational excellence.

Having a skilled variety of workforce helps us provide a holistic solution for solving a range of business problems; specifically helping platform firms achieve an end-to-end solution for their customers. A typical example would be a customer service center that is readily available to deploy in a very short period.

Helping firms accelerate their digital transformation journey

Since its inception, the focus of tech firms has been on building solutions for solving solo problems of their clients. In an endeavor to build these solutions, many of these organizations have invested in a multitude of high-end solutions. However, they lack a pathway to integrate these solutions and solve larger problems.

That’s where we, along with our group of solution experts, come in.

We have invested in Centers of Excellence for emerging technologies and run a Bottom-Up Innovation program for ideation. Our focus lies in delivering end-to-end integrations by continuing to deliver improved services from the first engagement itself and provide value in the process.

The multitudes of upcoming platforms lack an end-to-end UX experience mapping, which leads to hiccups in the user experience.

We at Hexaware have a set of solutions that can be used to enhance end user experience with a guarantee to increase user adaptability. Our Platform Automation service bridges this customer experience gap by mapping the journey of each user and providing business insights on each platform user.

Are you looking for an efficient data warehouse to process large amounts of complex data? Are you concerned about the low latency of data over public internet? Do you want to be up-to-date with advanced tools? And do you need experience in handling the high demands for real-time business intelligence or emergency queries?

Employing cloud services in data science and analytics can help your business scale-up by establishing a direct connection between them, thereby reducing the latency and response issues. Cloud services are capable of sharing data and visualization and performing cross-organizational analysis, making the raw data more accessible and perceivable by a broader user base.

Hexaware provides cutting-edge information services to help firms gain actionable insights. Our applications are built with self-learning models and have a consumer-friendly user experience. They adapt as your business grows and can expand or adjust as your data storage and applications needs increase or decrease.

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