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Hexaware’s Comprehensive Network Support Transforms Operations for a Global Technology Leader  Hexaware’s Comprehensive Network Support Transforms Operations for a Global Technology Leader 

Hexaware’s Comprehensive Network Support Transforms Operations for a Global Technology Leader 

Discover How Hexaware Overcome Complex Network Challenges and Enhanced Connectivity Across the Client's Expansive Enterprise Network


Our client, a leading American multinational in AI, online advertising, cloud computing, software, quantum tech, e-commerce, and consumer electronics, operates through a vast Global Enterprise Network (GEN). This network backbone ensures seamless connectivity across numerous office locations, enabling essential services like internet access, server connectivity, and wireless connections. It’s the heartbeat of the client’s operations, driving productivity and functionality across its global workforce. 


Navigating the complexities of this expansive network, with its complex technologies and components, proved to be a significant challenge. The client’s GEN initiative oversaw local and wide area networks (LANs/WANs), which was crucial for easy communication across dispersed offices. The network’s critical infrastructure comprised switches, routers, firewalls, and security systems, forming the mainstay of operations. Issues within this framework could potentially disrupt operations and impact employee productivity significantly. 

What the Client Needed: 

Amid these challenges, the client sought a robust network solution. It required a comprehensive approach capable of quickly addressing network issues while optimizing wireless connectivity. The company’s aim was to establish an environment conducive to uninterrupted and smooth work experiences across its dispersed offices.  


Hexaware approached the client’s network support requirements by assembling a comprehensive team structured to meet diverse needs and deliver unparalleled service. 

Incident and Problem Management: 

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) diligently monitored the network, swiftly identifying and resolving issues through advanced monitoring systems and proprietary client tools. This proactive approach ensured uninterrupted operations and rapid issue resolution. 

Customer Support Excellence  

A dedicated team promptly addressed user concerns, managing tickets and resolving LAN, Wi-Fi, and connectivity issues to minimize disruptions and maintain high customer satisfaction (CSAT scores). 

Empowering Network Projects 

Our specialized experts focused on vital network infrastructure projects, ensuring the network remained agile and adaptable to the client’s evolving requirements. They focused on critical tasks, such as operating system upgrades and equipment replacement.  

Seamless Transition Assurance 

Working in tandem with deployment teams, our verification team guarantees hassle-free transitions for new office setups and expanded network infrastructure. Any identified issues are promptly addressed, ensuring a seamless transition into full operational status. 

Management and Optimization 

Our shift leads provide round-the-clock management and support, acting as the point of contact for escalation and support for GEN NOC when needed. 

Ensuring Operational Efficiency  

Our developers are responsible for building and maintaining tools and dashboards for daily operations and efficient reporting for the NOC team. And a quality assurance team conducts audits, reviews the work, and provides feedback to the NOC team to improve quality and process adherence.  

With a dedicated team of NOC professionals, we ensure comprehensive network support. This collective effort guarantees uninterrupted operations, automates, troubleshoots, and enhances the client’s network infrastructure, fostering a productive global work environment for our client.  


Partnering with Hexaware, the client’s network operations project has delivered significant and consistent improvements in incident and problem management support— a Service Level Objective (SLO) of ~100% and a consistent Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score of 4.7/5 and above. 

The team’s impeccable service quality earned the client a global scope of 24×7 operations and a Customer Delight Survey (CDS) score of 7 out of 7, highlighting the effectiveness of the governance implemented. Our team not only excelled in their role, but also set a benchmark for prospects, with almost 100% of new hires sourced from team referrals.  

Additional benefits include: 

1. Enhanced Operations   

  • Improved productivity through role-based goals and gamification 
  • Implementation of a dedicated Quality Control team ensuring adherence to process standards and troubleshooting mechanisms 
  • Comprehensive historical ticket analysis and process mapping 

2. Shift Left Approach  

  • Standardized ticket tagging matrix for better issue resolution prioritization through a global unified ticketing system 

3. Enabling Automation  

  • Automation of upgrades, patches, and resolution steps 
  • Development and validation of an automation workflow we co-created with the client to streamline procedures and workflows 

4. Process Improvement  

  • Integration of a CSAT-driven rule for enhanced user feedback and issue confirmation 
  • Automated deployment and validation via a hand-off solution to ensure seamless post-implementation operations 


Hexaware’s robust network support solution transformed the operations of a leading global technology company with a vast footprint. Faced with managing a Global Enterprise Network (GEN) connecting offices worldwide, the client sought Hexaware’s expertise to drive uninterrupted connectivity. Our tailored approach, comprising incident management, customer support, specialized project teams, and automation, significantly enhanced network performance for the client. This led to near-perfect service levels, high customer satisfaction, 24×7 global operations, streamlined processes, and constant connectivity.   

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