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Delivering Nex-Gen Educational IT Solutions

Hexaware has rich experience in working with global companies and service providers in the design, development, and maintenance of their platforms. We use our vertical experiences, technology excellence and product partnerships to deliver superior engineering services for our customers.

Hexaware’s PES and Application Transformation expertise helps in all phases from pre-admission, admission customizations, curriculum authoring, management and assessment to managing awards, campus life, graduation, and alumni.

We have delivered value to our customers through custom-built solutions based on the right-technology approach and enterprise-level integrations. The deep domain expertise that we possess, equips us in providing consulting support to our clients and implementing a traceability matrix of processes across the complete lifecycle. Every client and their business processes are unique and as is the associated automation design. With our automation solutions, we deliver values to our customers and they, in turn, have delighted users.

Our education services include:

Curriculum Management

Curriculum is one of the influencing reasons for students to join an institution. Over the years, Hexaware has been helping Institutions build Unified Curriculum Authoring Tools that define the objectives and meet the required statutory compliances. With our rich user experience, we are adept at creating visual designs of the product prototypes that will meet your institutions’ unique needs.

Collaboration Services

Collaboration services provide closed-loop institution-student interactions and enhance student engagement and personalized support. Hexaware provides educational institutions with a streamlined end-to-end solution including a unified interface for different departments across the institution. Our solutions have evolved over the years from the experience of designing solutions for institutions, understanding their pain points and visualizing their dream for a collaborative learning environment.

Student Analytics

Our powerful analytical platform provides a strong foundation for institutions in making strategic decisions on identifying potential geographies for recruitment, measuring performances of recruiting, etc. Hexaware’s Intelligent Analytics suite helps in tracking a student’s performance, measuring the fascial status of programs offered by institutions, predicting learners-performers for student retention, etc. The data can be used for optimizing the learning experience, cutting down costs and gaining valuable insights for institution-wide decision making.

Schedule Management

Automating faculty schedule management thereby eliminating the need for a paper-based allocation process. The system automatically allocates faculty to courses based on their core skills and presents reports to the Dean’s office for final decision making.

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