Future-Proofing Campus Experiences at a Leading Australian University Future-Proofing Campus Experiences at a Leading Australian University

Future-Proofing Campus Experiences at a Leading Australian University

Streamlining operations and enhancing the student experience


The client is one of the top Australian universities. With significant expansion over the years, they now cater to almost 40,000 students, among whom are over 7,000 international students representing 130+ countries. The university offers a broad range of programs, including over 300 undergraduate and 600 postgraduate options, and boasts an extensive alumni network. 

With over 40,000 students pursuing their academic dreams, Australia’s premier university was bursting at the seams. An aging PeopleSoft enterprise system was struggling to keep pace with record enrollment and ambitious institutional growth. It was time for a change. 

To deliver next-gen campus experiences, an upgrade to Campus Solutions 9.0 was imperative. Seamless integration with new Thesis Management and Library modules would empower research. And enhanced authentication would enable secure access across platforms. 

Specific needs included: 

  • Transitioning from PeopleSoft Student Admin version 7.6 to Campus Solutions 9.0 
  • Incorporating custom modules for research management 
  • Bridging Campus Solutions and HR modules on different Oracle databases 
  • Adding LDAP authentication to existing interfaces 


Partnering with Hexaware, the university embarked on a transformational Campus Solutions implementation. Hexaware consultants meticulously executed the technical upgrade, while collaborating to build customized modules tailored to the university’s needs. Staff training empowered administrators to make the most of the new capabilities. And ongoing support ensured the platform could continuously adapt to emerging institutional requirements. 

Hexaware provided a comprehensive enterprise system upgrade and integration solution: 

  • Performed technical upgrade to latest Campus Solutions modules. 
  • Built custom modules for research management functions. 
  • Ensured synchronization across modules using a secure integration bridge. 
  • Conducted training to equip administrators for go-live. 
  • Provided ongoing optimization via latest Feature Packs and Patches. 


The results spoke for themselves: 

  • A 50% faster rollout delivered the latest Campus Solutions innovation 
  • 100% integration connected critical systems end-to-end 
  • Flawless custom modules augmented capabilities 
  • Modern campus experiences engaged students and faculty, resulting in a 100% customer satisfaction index. 


The update to the latest PeopleSoft Campus Solutions module, full integration with all Oracle databases, and added authentication capabilities highlighted Hexaware’s expertise in managing end-to-end PeopleSoft transformations. By partnering with Hexaware, the university gained a modernized Campus Solutions platform capable of supporting innovation in student services and institutional growth, solidifying its footing for the future. With a refreshed Campus Solutions platform, the institution can continue its march toward academic excellence and students can enjoy personalized experiences that propel their progress.  

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