Global Education Foundation Enhances Data Integrity and Efficiency  Global Education Foundation Enhances Data Integrity and Efficiency 

Global Education Foundation Enhances Data Integrity and Efficiency 

Eliminate Redundancy and Improve Data Quality with Master Data Store


The client is a worldwide pioneer in international education. They cultivate inquisitive, knowledgeable, self-assured, and compassionate young individuals. Their programs enable students to take charge of their learning and guide them in forging skills that will equip them for the future, allowing them to create impact and flourish in a rapidly changing world. 

The client wanted an overall system transformation, including:  

  • Unified solution for all the stakeholders  
  • Centralized storage for organization data, currently stored on disparate systems, to reduce data redundancy, inconsistency, quality, and enrichment issues  
  • Creating centralized data storage with different accessibility levels while retaining quality  
  • Implementing authentication across systems using single sign-on 

The client wanted to address:  

  • Lack of data ownership due to data stored on disparate systems  
  • Lack of enterprise-level data sharing in the in-house applications, resulting in information sharing and user accessibility issues 
  • Bridging the gap of poor data-sharing capabilities due to disparate systems with a single level of integration between the master data store (MDS) and its source 


Hexaware recommended and implemented an MDS with the following setup to resolve data quality issues:  

  • A centralized source of clean data for all other dependent systems  
  • A single level of integration between MDS and its source systems in place of multiple system-to-system integrations  
  • Facility to maintain the history of implemented data changes   
  • Update the vault with enriched data, to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) 


  • Master data management implementation: Provided a single point of access for trusted data management across the organization  
  • Security: Implemented authentication-based authorization across systems, by using SSO  
  • Operational efficiency: Assisted client in achieving increased operational efficiency as well as better employee development 


Hexaware’s solution provided the client with a comprehensive system transformation, resulting in several significant benefits. The implementation of a master data store (MDS) centralized clean data, eliminating redundancy and improving data quality management. This single source of trusted data increased operational efficiency by simplifying data access through a unified solution. Additionally, the solution’s authentication-based authorization, using SSO, enhanced data security while streamlining access. The improved data quality and accessibility also contributed to better employee development, enabling staff to make more informed decisions and perform their roles more effectively.   

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