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PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Time and Labor Work Center

Enterprise Platform

June 11, 2013


PeopleSoft Time and Labor has been improving significantly with each new PS HCM release.With introduction of PS HCM 9.2 and tools 8.53, Time and Labor takes one more giant step towards centralizing and streamlining the time and attendance application.

In the past I have observed that a common requirement from customers was to have key time keeping and administrative tasks under one centralized page. Other products like Kronos have most of the time keeping and admin related tasks under one page and hence easy to use especially for the Managers and Timekeepers. While moving from these products to PS TL many customers have shown reservations with respect to this aspect. Customers now are measuring usability and efficiency of a product based on number of clicks and time required to perform a specific task. Needless to say all of them expect tasks to be completed in minimal time and effort. With so many Time and Attendance systems available in the market this has now become a key aspect to customers in product selection. PeopleSoft HCM9.2 introduces Time and Labor Work Centre which I believe is the answer to long standing requests by Time and labor user groups. Time and Labor WorkCentre simplifies the usability of PS Time and Labor and is one shop stop for most Time keeping and Admin activities.

What is Time and Labor WorkCenter?

The first look of Work Centre suggests that the work center was designed specifically keeping time keeper’s needs in mind. Time and Labor Work Center provides snapshot of list of activities required to be performed by Managers and Timekeepers.It contains links to host of different tasks mainly time approvals, queries, reports and time processing required by timekeepers. With WorkCenter users can perform all their daily tasks without navigating to different links as required in lower versions.

The Work Center consists of a welcome page or landing page and Pagelets. The welcome page consists of host of activities that needs attention and action. The Pagelets consists of different links to different business process and reports. Using the landing page as shown below Managers/Timekeepers can do mass approvals of time sheets. A closer examination of the page shows 3 additional Tabs one each for Reported Time, Payable Time and schedules .Now all of these can be managed from this single page as against going to different links in lower versions of PS. For example the Work Centre provides all the links to Timesheet, Mass time, Unprocessed Reported time, overtime requests and overtime approval under manage Reported time tab. There is no need to go to different navigations and click through various folders. Similar links are provided for Payable time and schedules. This is a huge improvement as I have mentioned earlier customers are now days measuring Product usability based on number of clicks and time required to perform a specific task.

Time and Labor WorkCenter

Manage Report Time Tab


Time and Labor WorkCenter contains various Pagelets My work, Queries,Reports and Processes. Each Pagelet contains links to various components required by users to complete their daily tasks.For example Links Pagelet hosts Time and Labor, Absence Management and Payroll processing links.Queries Pagelet hosts number of Public and Private Queries which can be run by simply clicking on the Query Link. Users and Administrators have the ability to add new queries to the Pagelet. Reports/Process Pagelet houses links to Time and Labor reports and processes which also leverages on the Pivot Grids to display data in graphical format. The others tab hosts workforce availability Pagelet contains a dashboard of employees that are available for work.

Work Center Pagelets

Queries Pagelet

Reports utilizing Pivot Grids

Workforce Availability Pagelet

Personalizing the Work Center

The work center allows Managers and timekeepers to personalize their views. Users can reorganize their links based on their function and requirements. Users can choose to hide links not used frequently. Users can also change the overall look and feel and arrangement of their WorkCenter.

Managing WorkCenter

The tabs that must be displayed are controlled centrally in setup HRMS. The admin can decide which tabs are displayed and how are they displayed .The functionalities available in tabs are limited to few as delivered and supported by Oracle. The administrator controls most of the contents present in the Pagelet which can be further personalized by the end Users.

Time and Labor Work Center looks very promising and will be key in improving productivity and efficiency of Users. There are many features in it that can be utilized to effectively manage your workforce .The user community will be delighted to see such a seamless product and to see their requests materialize in PS HCM 9.2 product . I am sure WorkCenter  is going to be one of the compelling reasons why customers will and should go for PS HCM 9.2.

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