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For over five decades, SAP has been helping organizations globally navigate business and technology transformations. These range from the decline in mainframes to the emergence of client-server architectures, the globalization of commerce, the expansion of ERP solutions, and the advent of eCommerce. Just within a few years of its launch, RISE with SAP has emerged as SAP’s flagship solution for businesses looking to transition to the cloud. Today, RISE with SAP is enabling enterprises to transition their critical business operations to the cloud, aiming to revitalize ERP systems and accelerate innovation tailored for the digital era.

Central to RISE with SAP is its unique single-contract model, which empowers customers to consolidate negotiations for software, services, and infrastructure into one cohesive deal. This approach simplifies the complexities of cloud migration, providing businesses worldwide with greater agility. Let’s explore RISE with SAP and why it’s changing the cloud migration landscape.

What is RISE with SAP?

Introduced in January 2021, RISE with SAP offers solutions to empower enterprises to harness the benefits of cloud computing within their pivotal, foundational frameworks. Rather than developing novel features, RISE with SAP is portrayed as a fusion of pre-existing SAP resources tailored to deliver business transformation as a customer service.

RISE with SAP provides a customized cloud service to support organizations utilizing on-premises ERP systems such as SAP ERP, SAP ECC, and SAP S/4HANA in their seamless and secure transition to cloud-based operations. In response, clients gain access to robust cloud-centric business management software embedded with intelligence, instantaneous analytics, and cutting-edge technologies, fostering regulatory adherence and fortifying business adaptability.

Key Components of RISE with SAP

As the corporate landscape evolves at an unprecedented pace, businesses face the challenge of navigating the evolution to ensure sustained success and maintain a competitive edge. They must transform into intelligent enterprises marked by streamlined operations, modernized IT frameworks, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies. Ultimately, this leads companies toward adopting cloud on their enterprise platforms.

The comprehensive approach of RISE with SAP consolidates essential elements for digital business transformation and tailors them to each company’s unique starting point. Such a transition isn’t an overnight feat but a protracted journey comprising essential components that shape RISE with SAP. These include:

Cloud ERP

The primary offering from RISE with SAP is the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, an extensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution tailored for sizable corporations. Infused with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and sophisticated analytics, SAP S/4HANA Cloud facilitates the adoption of innovative business models. It harnesses AI’s predictive capabilities and manages dynamic shifts in business environments and resource allocation.

Business Process Optimization

Rise with SAP quickly understands, enhances, corrects, transforms, and oversees the business performance across the entire organization. Additionally, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence within RISE uncovers optimal improvement opportunities. RISE with SAP encompasses administrative capabilities of business process management to assist in the automation and oversight of business processes in enterprises of varying scales and complexities. Through business intelligence, companies gain insights to make informed decisions and discover novel avenues for expanding their operations.

SAP-managed Infrastructure and Applications

RISE with SAP offers a starter pack for seamless business network management by integrating processes with performance analysis to boost efficiency and maintenance. Additionally, SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) streamlines app development, integration, and analytics atop core tech. It’s the hub for an intelligent enterprise journey, unifying tools, and apps.  

Tools and Methodologies

Specialized tools and services are essential to facilitate the digital transformation journey. Rise with SAP offers comprehensive assistance for migrating to S/4HANA, encompassing readiness assessments, code and software analysis, and access to SAP’s educational resources, all tailored to streamline the transition process.

Security, Risk, and Compliance

As a SaaS provider, RISE with SAP aligns with customers and hyperscale providers to fortify security measures. Customers oversee authentication, security settings, and logs, while SAP handles platform security, updates, and disaster recovery. This collaborative strategy guarantees heightened security, compliance, and confidence. 

5 Benefits of RISE with SAP

RISE with SAP is designed for companies looking to streamline their supply chain, elevate user satisfaction, and leverage the power of data management and machine learning to make more informed decisions. It helps enterprises transition to agile organizations capable of quickly responding to changing market conditions and customer expectations. Listed below are some of the benefits companies can leverage from the RISE with SAP offering: 

Improve Business Processes

By streamlining processes, RISE with SAP enhances automation, minimizing human errors and bolstering productivity. Its analytical features provide valuable insights for refining current workflows, and the data-centric approach fosters a culture of continual enhancement, empowering businesses to attain a notable competitive edge over time.

Accelerate Innovation with RISE with SAP

Leveraging RISE with SAP enables streamlined automation, minimizing manual errors, and amplifying productivity. Its robust analytics furnish invaluable insights, empowering the refinement of operational workflows. Equipped with cutting-edge tools encompassing AI, ML, RPA, and sustainability features, RISE with SAP propels organizations into the frontlines of innovation. 

Cost Efficiency

By consolidating diverse IT requirements into a unified offering, RISE with SAP reduces overhead expenses for businesses. The subscription-based model enhances financial adaptability, empowering companies to adjust their scale as necessary. Consequently, this product significantly bolsters enterprises’ profitability by exerting control over expenditures. For instance, SAP S/4HANA facilitates intelligent manufacturing through the seamless synchronization of supply, distribution, and production planning.

Enhance Security, Compliance, and Scalability

RISE with SAP transforms technological operations into a seamless service, guaranteeing heightened security, compliance, and scalability. It ensures the safety of the company’s systems with state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures and data protection protocols aligned with the latest standards. Through RISE with SAP, businesses gain deeper insights into risks and compliance requirements to meet local and global regulations with greater assurance, fostering transparency and organizational confidence.

Simplified Migration

Following a structured framework based on the proven SAP Activate methodology, businesses are provided clear guidance at every step of the implementation process, ensuring smooth progress and simplified migration. With the convenience of a unified service level agreement (SLA) covering all digital layers, including applications, infrastructure, and more, businesses benefit from a dynamic cloud service.

Choosing the Ideal RISE with SAP Solution for Your Business

RISE with SAP offers a variety of solutions for organizations to optimize their processes. However, the key to success lies in choosing the right solution based on your business needs, industry, scale, and intended outcome. Read on to discover the difference between various SAP and RISE with SAP offerings and to choose the right one for your business.

Difference between RISE with SAP and GROW with SAP

Although GROW with SAP and RISE with SAP have some common features, such as seamless upgrades and a three-system setup for development, testing, and production, they have distinct purposes and target audiences.

RISE with SAP is highly adaptable and comprehensive. It caters to the needs of existing SAP users migrating from older solutions and those seeking robust cloud implementations. RISE with SAP emphasizes customization and flexibility to provide holistic solutions.

On the other hand, GROW with SAP offers a leaner, more predictable approach, targeting users with defined budgets and expectations.

Choosing between RISE with SAP and S/4HANA Cloud

The distinction between RISE with SAP or S/4HANA Cloud lies in their relationship, with S/4HANA forming a component of the RISE with SAP package. RISE with SAP consolidates SAP’s suite of products and services into a seamless user experience, where S/4HANA Cloud plays a pivotal role. Essentially, S/4HANA Cloud serves as the cornerstone within the Rise with SAP ecosystem. 

Beyond the ERP core, Rise with SAP enriches the offering with a spectrum of supplementary services. This includes hosting infrastructure, a curated suite of cloud-managed services, and the SAP RISE Business Network Starter Pack. S/4HANA Cloud facilitates seamless connections with suppliers, carriers, and other essential assets, enriching the business ecosystem.

RISE with SAP: Public and Private Cloud

Selecting between SAP’s Public and Private Cloud offerings relies on the organization’s distinct needs, priorities, and limitations. While public clouds provide scalability and convenience, private clouds offer greater control over security, compliance, and customization. The private edition is strongly advised for existing SAP ERP clients aiming to transition to the cloud without undergoing a complete upgrade and wishing to preserve their current investments in their SAP ERP landscape.

Similarly, the private option is preferable for new clients seeking a comprehensive, customizable ERP system, inclusive of partner add-ons. Conversely, for clients, whether existing SAP clients or new ones, seeking cloud migration and willing to replace ERP solutions with a complete process redesign, SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud is the more suitable option. It is the ideal choice for companies prepared to evolve into intelligent enterprises, embracing the future of ERP within a pre-established process framework.

RISE with SAP not only enhances SAP’s offerings but also empowers businesses to navigate digital transformation seamlessly. SAP’s digital transformation strategy addresses critical business challenges by optimizing processes on demand, establishing itself as a formidable efficiency driver. Through Rise with SAP, businesses gain unparalleled agility, efficiency, and innovation, all customized to meet their organization’s distinctive needs.

Hexaware’s Expertise in RISE with SAP

As an SAP Gold partner with PE sell and service authorizations, we optimize SAP investments for clients globally. Hexaware’s unparalleled SAP services, including RISE with SAP, encompass the entire SAP application lifecycle. Our platform-driven methodology ensures a smooth SAP S/4HANA deployment, encompassing data migration, process optimization, and cloud readiness. As your trusted SAP cloud migration partner, Hexaware offers a hassle-free shift to the public cloud, backed by strategic alliances and adaptable solutions.

Harnessing a platform-driven methodology leveraging Amaze® for ERP, we guide you through every stage of SAP S/4HANA implementation. Our comprehensive toolkit facilitates seamless migration, covering data migration, process optimization, code transition to S/4HANA, cloud readiness evaluation, and more. With tailored industry solutions, we cater to specific needs such as carve-outs, asset monetization, and mergers and acquisitions. Discover our comprehensive solutions for SAP AMS, including services for SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC clients, by visiting our SAP partner page.

To unlock the full potential of your business, explore our comprehensive Enterprise Platforms services.

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Madhavi M

With over 24 years of robust experience in SAP, Madhavi leads the SAP practice at Hexaware Technologies, holding expertise in consulting, advisory services, solution design, and project proposals. As an accomplished leader in SAP services and solutions, she is adept at delivering transformative projects that enhance business growth and operational efficiency. Madhavi specializes in HR transformations and is proficient in executing SAP implementation, rollout, and process improvement initiatives. Her extensive background reflects a deep understanding of the complexities involved in SAP projects globally, positioning her as a vital resource in driving successful business transformations and technological progress within the company.

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