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Amaze® for Applications – Customized Cloud Modernization Solutions on Google Cloud


January 24, 2023

To solve business challenges on their journey to digital transformation, enterprises need to streamline their data democratization, application, and infrastructure modernization, to leverage cost savings, agility, drive innovation, etc. To empower & build the transformation to cloud and achieve maximum business value, the Google Cloud offers application modernization plans that understand and systematize the requirement of the businesses to prioritize their core processes, leading to the effective use of cloud services. They provide customized solutions for application and database modernization along with migration programs to achieve higher ROI on Google Cloud. Application modernization with Google Cloud helps to modernize and simplify the organization’s business application portfolios, migrate traditional apps away from the on-premises system and overcome the challenges & dependencies on legacy application technologies, scalability, removing licensing and other contracts, security & compliance.

Google Cloud has partnered with Hexaware’s enterprise modernization platform, amaze® for applications, listed on the Google Cloud Marketplace, which enables customers to execute their digital transformation goals to attain the cloud benefits to their fullest potential. Amaze® for applications supports the modernization and migration of custom Java and .NET applications from monolithic to cloud-native architecture and the transformation of the underlying database into Postgres/SQL Server on Google Cloud. It enables mass and smart migration to a cloud environment and application modernization with automated cloud conversion, hence delivering benefits over traditional migration such as,

  • Up to 100% automated application assessment
  • Up to 70% automated application modernization
  • Up to 60% cost & TCO savings
  • Up to 50% faster lead times than manual effort

In this strategic partnership with Google Cloud, Hexaware’s amaze® helps to modernize the workloads on legacy technologies, focusing on three themes:

  1. Application modernization
  2. Database transformation
  3. Reduce dependency on Windows licensing

Application Modernization

Amaze® delivers true application cloud transformation by modernizing the existing application portfolio architecture to a microservices architecture tailored to the Google Cloud platform.

It drives the modernization of legacy applications by performing a 100% automated assessment that analyzes the fitment of a group of applications to discover their readiness for transformation and suggests and regulates suitable R treatments. Further, the ‘Application Modernization’ engine generates transformed code for the chosen transformation, which covers the below.

  1. Replatform – Migrating applications to Google Cloud PaaS, for better scaling and other usages of cloud features with minimal code changes
  2. Refactor – Migrating applications to API Ready, for adapting to customer requirements and changes with considerable refactored code
  3. Rearchitect – To Cloud Native on CaaS/FaaS, for better performance and future adaptability, with microservices architecture

Additionally, with the automated code conversion feature, modernization and migration of the application to Google Cloud is achieved at lightning speed. Most importantly, this entire process is executed in an agile way, handling change requirements early in the phase and rolling out features optimally. Hence, modernizing and migrating an application to Google Cloud is made much easier with amaze®.

Database Transformation

Google Cloud supports the migration of databases on legacy platforms such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL server workloads to CloudSQL. This helps in closing once and for all, the licensing baggage and contracts with Oracle, Microsoft, and other platform providers. Hexaware’s amaze® for applications supported database transformation module can contribute to rapid and cost-efficient migration of the database to Google Cloud, along with its data access layer from Oracle or MS-SQL Server to respective Google CloudSQL for PostgreSQL, thereby reducing the licensing costs. Amaze® simplifies the database objects and data migration with better performance along with application readiness and transformation. It removes all the respective database dependencies and works seamlessly with the target as CloudSQL for PostgreSQL. Therefore, it accelerates the database transformation with up to 70% automation for CloudSQL for PostgreSQL.

The key features of database transformation with amaze® are,

  • Replatforming of the application database into Cloud PaaS SQL or Cloud Postgres to optimize license costs
  • Supports both IaaS and PaaS options for SQL/Postgres
  • Optimized database performance to reduce resource consumption and improve query performance

The additional benefits achieved by migrating the database to Google Cloud are,

  1. Huge data costs saving
  2. Reliable backup facility
  3. Trustable disaster recovery

Reduce Dependency on Windows Licensing

One of the main advantages of migrating applications to Google Cloud is that it reduces the reliance on static operating systems, which in turn minimizes the dependencies on version upgrades, licensing costs, and other relevant complexities.

Traditional .NET Framework applications can only run on Windows. There are quite a few limitations to windows dependency, such as,

  • Windows licensing costs
  • Lack of cross-platform support
  • Performance overheads
  • Poor support for graphical interfaces
  • Framework versions might get unsupported over a period
  • Dependencies on a large talent pool

While replatforming the application to the cloud environment, amaze® helps in upgrading the applications from .NET to .NET Core with automated upgradation suggestions. This enables deployment on Linux containers and therefore reduces dependency on Windows.

The above cloud solutions demonstrate that Google Cloud and Hexaware have partnered to achieve the following common goals,

  1. Ensure the best interests of the customers in their cloud modernization journey
  2. Deliver appropriate & customized cloud solutions at rapid speed with an outlook of efficient use of cloud
  3. Offer cost-efficient, secure, and compliant application migration with modernization

On the Google Cloud Marketplace, organizations can now subscribe to the Amaze® SaaS platform and related services (portfolio assessment, cloud transformation readiness assessment, application cloud transformation, etc.) as a self-service model. There are flexible package options, pricing models, and accompanying services to enable enterprises to customize the amaze® platform to best suit their needs and budget.

Get started and subscribe for free at Google Cloud Marketplace. Each user gets access to free assessment and modernization for one application (including database) for a month.

About the Author

Bhavya Nukala

Bhavya Nukala

Bhavya Nukala works with Hexaware Technologies as an Alliance Manager in the cloud Go-to-Market team. She coordinates and manages all the go-to-market & partnership activities between Google Cloud and Hexaware for the ‘Amaze® for Applications’ platform. She is actively involved with SMEs to plan & strategize the product messaging and the sales proposition to enhance the overall customer experience.

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