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Application Migration and Modernization on Cloud the Amaze® Way


November 29, 2021

Application migration and modernization on the cloud can be the right step to be future-ready if it is complemented with a sound strategy and cloud-capable platform that fits all your requirements and still enables you to leverage true cloud transformation benefits. To ensure that legacy application cloud migration and modernization is well-aligned with business objectives, there must be close coordination between the business and technical teams for better handling of challenges and faster time-to-market. Amaze® and amaze® consultants make sure that your cloud journey does not get derailed in the middle and you complete it the way you planned. We make sure that you get your cloud migration strategy right so that no challenge becomes a showstopper.

Smart and Rapid Application Migration and Modernization with Amaze®

The overall effectiveness of cloud transformation depends highly on the architecture on which the application sits. An architecture plays an influential role in cost reduction and output optimization and can help accelerate cloud migration. Thus, you must think futuristically while picking the technology stack, deciding on a cloud migration approach (like rehosting, replatforming, and refactoring), setting a timeframe and budget for the actual migration, and putting efforts into upgrading your cloud readiness.

Amaze® is an automated cloud replatforming product suite that helps in end-to-end application cloud migration and modernization, starting from assessing your application for cloud readiness and allotting cloud experts for a seamless cloud shift to extending support once your application is deployed to the cloud. We follow an agile methodology and leverage hyperscalers like AWS, Azure, and GCP. By executing application migration to AWS cloud, Azure cloud, or GCP, we ensure that you gain maximum cloud benefits with minimum time-to-market and maximum cost efficiency.

It is wise to adopt a PaaS-based solution coupled with amaze® for maximum automation, reduction in TCO and implementation costs by more than 50%, and rapid application cloud migration in just a few weeks. The same migration process may take months without amaze®-led automation. The next step is to plan database migration to the cloud. Amaze® provides you with a dedicated platform for this too. Most importantly, the entire cloud migration and modernization is executed in an agile way for handling change requirements early in the phase and rolling out features optimally.

Multi-tenancy is the key when you need to handle several clients and deliver a seamless user experience. This helps to manage the applications as well as their associated databases better and with minimum downtime. Also, it is important to disintegrate the application’s business logic into micro and macro services and connect it appropriately with the respective database. API-led integration makes sure that the communication between the services and the database is fast and secure. Amaze® and our cloud experts make sure that the micro and macro services are created by considering future requirements and best-in-class security standards are followed to comply with global requirements.

To realize true application migration and cloud modernization, it is important to modernize the application throughout by leveraging advanced tools and frameworks. At the same time, you also need to focus on the UI so that the features are communicated to the users in an easy-to-use manner. Managing user authentication is another area to be worked upon thoroughly to deliver a highly secure environment. Our cloud team fulfills requirements on all these areas and helps in smooth cloud migration from on-premises without much dependency on your SMEs or software documentation.

Once everything is in place, the next stage is testing. Amaze® enables an automation-led test environment for rigorous testing at all levels- be it for functional, APIs, data migration, or the overall performance on the cloud. We set up DevOps automation with CI/CD pipeline for quick adaptability of the application and the database with the new environment.

By following an agile process while delivering amaze® services, our team maintains backlog health optimally and fortifies your application performance on the cloud without any change in the business functionality.

So, kickstart your cloud modernization journey with amaze® and move to the cloud in a way that is far ahead of the lot.

About the Author

Mandar Joshi

Mandar Joshi

Mandar Joshi works as a Technical Architect cum Senior Technical Writer for Hexaware Technologies. He is a part of the amaze® R&D Engineering - GTM Cloud team and carries over a decade of experience in writing on different technologies. He is certified in AWS and Agile and is actively involved with SMEs to explore new avenues for communicating Hexaware’s service offerings to the outer world.

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