Legacy Application Modernization with API and Integration for Seamless Digital Enablement

Legacy Application Modernization with API and Integration for Seamless Digital Enablement

Application transformation has become the need of the hour, especially for the legacy on-premise applications that are complicated and unfeasible to manage without apt SME support. Though digital enablement paves the way to revitalize such applications, having a realistic and cost-efficient legacy application modernization strategy in place is extremely important to gain maximum benefits of API and integration in a real sense.

This POV (Point of View) gives a detailed insight of what are the key challenges in application transformation and what it takes to achieve seamless digital enablement with rapid migration to a modern platform with a considerable TCO reduction. The POV also talks about modern architecture and shows a quick comparison of manual vs accelerated migration of legacy systems. While doing this, the POV also highlights the role of key elements like modern delivery techniques, agile DevOps, cloud migration tools, test automation, and more.

Some of the key areas covered include:

  • Challenges in application transformation of legacy systems
  • Modern architecture components and functioning
  • Manual vs accelerated migration to a modern technology platform
  • Levers for accelerated migration

Download this POV to get a realistic view of the legacy application modernization approach and understand the key challenges and benefits through real-world case studies.

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