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Who we are

Interactive is a global digital consultancy that empowers some of the world’s leading brands to engage with technology in meaningful ways. Our team of certified experts enable companies to navigate their journey of designing and building digital products and services that are efficient and pragmatic.

What is Interactive?

It would be easy to give you an exhaustive list of all our services and capabilities. However, an illustration of
what we have helped our clients achieve serves as a better catalogue of all that we have to offer.

Here’s a glimpse into the role Interactive played for one of our clients and its customers:

Enhanced Booking Experience for a UK-Based Fleet Operator

An omni-channel booking experience that is easy to use, customisable and visually appealing resulting in higher conversion.

In a crowded & competitive landscape, Businesses that understand people and build experiences around them thrive

Value Proposition

Our interaction with our clients goes beyond basic recommendations, and this sets us apart from others in the industry.
This approach, interwoven with our team of certified experts and industry leaders with decades of experience,
has helped us carve a niche for ourselves in the industry.

We build an on-going relationship that enables us to constantly build and improve experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.



Over the years, we have built capabilities that amalgamate technology and design. Creating seamless digital experiences that add value to our clients is the focal point of Interactive.

Enterprise mobile strategy, shoppable experiences, content and digital market strategy, and a seasoned design team supported by Centers for Excellence is what makes us a comprehensive practice.

The Interactive How!

Our multi-faceted, interconnected approach gives us the unique opportunity of lending our expertise
to our clients through the entire lifecycle of the customer journey.

Experience Studio

Informed by strategy and realized by design, our practice challenges conventional assumptions to create disruptive, digital driven experiences. 

We create experiences that are sophisticated, scalable, and intriguing. Our design team works with businesses to drive innovation, identify opportunities, and solve complex user problems through effective storyboarding and creative solutioning.

Together with our clients, we create desirable user experiences that transform lives and businesses. We use data-driven human insights gathered through our design thinking approach and innovative frameworks.

Key Services –

  • User research and site analytics
  • Persona and scenario modeling
  • Customer journey staging
  • Strategic roadmaps and frameworks
  • Information architecture
  • Wire-framing and prototyping
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • User centered design with design thinking approach
  • Website accessibility
  • Experience strategy and design
  • Concept development
  • Interactive and device agnostic designing
  • Customer and channel planning
  • Brand and content strategy
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Our digital interactive practice focuses on creating experience designs that are insight-driven and display operational excellence.

Our expertise spans enterprise mobile strategy & enablement, development / re-engineering, and mobile experience transformation among many others.

Our interactive solution accelerators use a rich UI component library, notification hub, social connectors, and packaged solution for communication using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi adhering data security.

Our delivery teams are supported by Centers of Excellence for Experience Design, Mobile Testing Lab and Innovation Labs.

Key Services:

  • Enterprise mobile strategy and enablement
  • App Development
  • Re-Engineering
  • Mobile experience transformation
  • Mobility testing services
  • Managed services


  • Rich UI Component Library – Re-usable UI components across platforms
  • Notification Hub – Configurable and ready to use push notification framework connecting to APN and GCM
  • Social Connectors – Configurable framework for connecting to Social channels (LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook).
  • Cloud storage connectors – Ready to use connectors to cloud stores (One Drive, Google Drive, iCloud)
  • Communication – Packaged solution for communications using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, data secure communication
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Marketing and Content Platform

Design and activate platforms on delivering optimized, personalized, and customer-centric experiences.

We define a seamless experience, and consistent customer journey by developing response-focused, creative assets. This is coupled with insight-driven optimizations to prompt enhanced customer experiences.

We manage and govern platforms to drive program execution and effectiveness. Through our content management services, we improve customer service by automating sales and marketing operations for an omni-channel experience.

 We provide:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the current ecosystem
  • Optimal solution, design, and setup to meet client goals
  • Insights through analytics consolidation
  • True personalization of content that is relevant to the user and provides a seamless experience
  • Robust and extensible search solution to support conversational interfaces
  • Strategy audits, workshop, and proofing
  • Assessments and roadmap development
  • Content and platform migration
  • Application support and enhancement

 Key Services:

Adobe Practice

The newest and fastest growing practice at Hexaware Interactive makes specializes in marketing content and asset management. The practice comprises a team of experts that specialize in experience management, analytics, campaign and audience management among many other complex implementations.

The practice delivers on-going value by delivering digital experiences over the lifetime of the customer that build brand loyalty and drive demand.

Partnership: Bronze


  • Solutions Management
  • Platform Activation
  • Marketing Activation


AEM upgrade accelerator provides extensive automation by:

  • Handlebars to Sightly conversion
  • Classic UI to Touch UI conversion
  • Adobe Core Component Extensions

These accelerators result in:

  • Parallel development of front end and back end processes
  • Reduction in cost
  • Faster time to market
  • Access to new functionalities with newer versions as extensions
  • Easier upgrade to new versions.

Sitecore Practice

The goal of the Sitecore practice is to create seamless, personalised digital experiences. Our experience spreads across Sitecore versions 6, 7, 8, 9 and 9.1

Partnership: Silver

Services offered:

  • Strategy services
  • Implementation services
  • Personalization and optimization
  • Ops and managed services
  • Integration and marketing automation

Platform Enablement:

  • Content and platform migration
  • Marketing enablement
  • CM authoring experience
  • Personalization

 Drupal Practice

To meet the ever-evolving customer needs and convergence of B2B and B2C, we have a framework to enable experience-led online stores. The framework provides better agility for content marketing and reduces CA costs and increases average cart value.


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Experience Design
  • Platform Activation
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Shoppable Experiences

Creating seamless and intriguing shoppable experiences that turn consumers into actual buyers 

We define true shoppable experience as a frictionless, consistent, customer journey across all digital touchpoints.  Some elements that exemplify our definition includes websites, mobile app, chatbot, social media, and virtual assistant.  

We enable e-commerce brands to rise from traditional online catalogues to innovative shopping platforms that provide seamless experiences to its customers. Our solutions encompass experience, storytelling, and innovation. We aim to enhance brand intimacy and nurture customer loyalty through contextualized and personalized content across devices.

We aim to:- 

  • Reimagine commerce interactions by creating intuitive, personalized customer journeys
  • Build seamless shoppable experiences by leveraging microservices and best of breed products and platforms
  • Enrich experiences with headless commerceimplementations 

Key Services  

  • Strategy audits, benchmarking and workshops to define/refine omni-channel/cross channel commerce strategy
  • Commerce assessments and roadmap development 
  • Unified commerce design
  • Redesigning and UX revamp with personalized customer journeys
  • Fullcycle greenfield commerce implementation 
  • Cloud and on-premise platform migration
  • Integrations with enterprise systems like CRM, ERP and payment systems
  • Integration with third-party digital applications 
  • Commerce process optimization
  • Streamline back office operations: order management, product catalogs, fulfillment processes
  • Headless commerce with futuristic,scalable, and robust implementation based on vertical and horizontal decoupling 
  • Leverage service layer to enable devices and channels without impacting the existing operations and functionality
  • Service enablement (RESTful services)

Accelerator – 

Commerce Accelerator is a headless commerce & content implementation with PWA enabled, cloud-hosting solution features and provides a seamless shoppable experience. It uses Adobe Experience Manager as the content management system and Magento as the commerce platform. 

The accelerator covers most functionalities of an e-commerce site like header with search bar, navigation, breadcrumbs, footer, banners and recourse block on home page, product listing with pagination, product details with multimedia gallery, shopping cart and checkout with Paypal payment integration.  

It can be scaled and replicated across platforms, resulting in significant reduction in effort and time. This, in turn, ensures faster time to market and higher efficiency. 

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Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing practice focuses on developing, adapting, and fulfilling brand campaigns. We also produce and execute assets across all media channels and markets.

Having established regional hubs in various cities across the world gives us the opportunity to work on-site at our clients’ locations and deliver services. This flexibility gives our clients the advantage of leveraging digital channels that tactically improve campaign effectiveness and impact.

As a practice, we work towards creating value in every customer interaction. Our customer journey models, experiences and content, and CRM platforms serve as testaments of what we bring to the table—and these offerings barely scratch the surface of our capabilities.

We also facilitate evolution of enterprise IT and leverage data for strategic advancements. Supporting real-time marketing, and driving revenue through reimagined, digitized commerce and retail channels makes us an all-inclusive avenue in the realm of digital marketing.

Key Services:

  • Creative & Content Production
    • Mapping the foundation
    • Building structure
    • Understanding the audience
    • Testing & refining
    • Content production
    • Branding
    • UI design
  • Campaign Execution Services
    • Targeting & optimization
    • Campaign management
    • Email Marketing Solutions
    • Campaign Performance Reporting & Lead Management
    • Omni-Channel Campaign Orchestration
    • Digital Marketing Compliant Execution
  • Campaign Reporting, Analytics, ROI
    • Conversion analytics
    • Behavior analytics
      • Acquisition analytics
      • eCommerce
      • Audience analytics
      • Campaign performance reports
      • Ad-Hoc reports
      • Executive dashboards
    • Marketing Automation Consulting & Execution
      • Generating Actionable Social Insight
      • Reporting Automation
      • Campaign Workflow Automation
      • Automate elements
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E-commerce Cloud

Driven by the common goal of helping customers achieve digital transformation, Hexaware and Spryker Systems, the creator of Spryker Cloud Commerce OS, have entered into a strong strategic partnership. This strategic global alliance, with Hexaware as a Gold Partner, involves co-developing digital commerce solutions and building capabilities relevant to industries, to help our clients solve critical business challenges in an accelerated, smarter and cost-effective way.

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Winning The Interactive Game

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