Empower Your Employees with COCO- The Unified Microsoft Teams Bot

Empower Your Employees with COCO- The Unified Microsoft Teams Bot

Global organizations have a huge number of backend systems and applications, built to cater to multiple business and employee needs. Over the years, these legacy applications become more complex to navigate and use.

In a typical day, employees interact and engage with multiple systems including CRM, Service Desk and HR. The proliferation of legacy touchpoints creates a broken, fragmented and dissatisfying experience for employees. The need to jump from one application to another in order to complete routine tasks result in context switching, making routine transactions time-consuming and taxing.

This is where COCO can prove to be a game-changer for enhancing employee experiences.

COCO is a Microsoft Teams bot that unifies disparate IT systems like ERP, CRM, Service Desk, and other industry platforms via an intuitive omnichannel solution.

How does COCO empower employees?

COCO’s simple and intuitive interface comes with clickable tiles and typed command options, helping employees to easily accomplish day-to-day tasks like raising and approving requests.

Benefits of COCO:

  • Employee time saving of up to 80%
  • Manager time saving of up to 90%

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