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COCO - A unified Microsoft Teams Bot
  • COCO - A Unified Microsoft Teams Bot

    • Are you looking for a single interface for your employees to interact with multiple corporate systems?

    • Do you have a ‘Return to Work’ plan compliant with Health information norms?

    • Are your employees spending too much time in multiple systems for raising or approving requests and seeking information?

    • Do you know you can save up to 80% productive employee time in raising a service incident/request?


About COCO

COCO is a Microsoft Teams unified bot that boosts employee productivity and engagement by unifying disparate IT systems via an intuitive omnichannel solution. Employees can use COCO, straight from their Microsoft Teams app on desktop or mobile devices, to access information and undertake transactions with key business functions through a unified, simple, and conversational interface. COCO is powered by a suite of functionalities that help organizations ensure seamless and safe return to the workplace amidst and post-COVID-19.

Optimizing Operations to Improve Productivity & Employee Experience

<br>Try COCO Today

Try COCO Today

To get a feel of the full featured implementation, try our demo version of COCO today available in the Microsoft AppSource which is pre-configured for capturing intent and undertake system transactions using a dummy database, allowing you to safely try out some of the features.

Use COCO Productivity Calculator

Take this quick assessment to Calculate the Productivity Savings, Cost of Integrations and ROI of implementing COCO in your organization.

<br>Use COCO Productivity Calculator

Empower Your Employees with COCO - The Unified Microsoft Teams Bot

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