Dive Deep into the Economies of the Cloud Business Model and its Global Impact

PodcastDecember 1, 2022

There is a myth that organizations can optimize their operating costs by just migrating their workloads to the cloud. But unless you define the right strategy for your cloud modernization plan, the cloud by itself will not derive the expected operational efficiency and cost optimization as an outcome. Cloud economies involve a deeper understanding of the total cost of ownership (TCO), the benefits of the cloud environment over on-premises models, and cost optimization strategies that will maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) on your cloud expenditure, etc. Cloud does provide all the capabilities to reduce your CapEX and get you on a consumption-led operating model by leveraging varied platforms & services provided by the hyperscalers.

Listen to Srinivasan Panchapakesan, Executive Vice President & Global Head – Amaze® Business & Cloud Transformation Delivery, Hexaware Technologies sharing insights on Hexaware’s cloud offerings & platforms, which enables to transform enterprise cloud journey across IT systems like infra, apps and data in collaboration with leading cloud service providers. Discover how the amaze® platform plays a significant role in accelerating the cloud modernization of an on-premises IT environment in a highly automated & optimized way by addressing all perceived cloud challenges and leveraging cloud technologies like microservices, containers, Iaas & PaaS services, etc., supporting public, private & hybrid cloud models.

Further, learn how amaze® helps customers to understand the economies of cloud business models and their consumption patterns and plays a significant role in mitigating their cloud migration risks and challenges. And how as an industry-leading solution, it delivers the true value of cloud through the right mix of cloud modernization tools & practices.

The podcast enlightens on other important aspects of cloud business models, such as:

  • How the companies are transforming with cloud in the hyperscaler world
  • How businesses are scaling up by leveraging the cloud models
  • Cloud migration challenges and the optimal solution
  • The benefit of hyperscalers and managed services
  • Future cloud trends and Hexaware’s roadmap

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