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The retail landscape is undergoing remarkable transformations. Customer-obsessed firms are reinventing their business models and taking their offering value close to customers.

Some key industry challenges faced by enterprises are:

  • To provide a growing, complex and configurable service catalog
  • To sell faster by creating predictable demand, while improving customer acquisition and managing customer retention
  • Adapting services based on real-time response to dynamic market changes like regulatory changes, spiking demand cycles, product configuration rules, emergency responses, etc.
  • Improving customer fulfillment with accurate quotes
  • Enabling guided selling, cross-selling and upselling of services
  • Generating accurate and predictable forecasts and real-time insights

To address these pain points and help customers activate digital selling and always-on service, Hexaware brings in the Digital Sales Engagement offering.

Hexaware’s Digital Sales Engagement leverages the Dynamics 365 Sales, Order and Contracting management features with a pre-built accelerator that provides CPQLite features, complex pricing and electronic contract signature. The solution covers detailed pipeline and subscription revenue forecasting features. It also enhances sales efficiency with account planning, 360-degree view of the customer and sales insights.

The solution consists of 3 sub-sections:

  • Develop and Sell
  • Contract and Order
  • Manage and Maintain

Clients typically experience an increase in sales productivity by 45% with accurate quotation and digital signature. They usually realize an improvement in product/pricing accuracy by 90% and it enables them to deliver superior customer experiences

Our solution implementation framework consists of 3 steps:

Hexaware, uses its own accelerators to deliver the Digital Sales Engagement solution. These ready-to-use accelerators significantly reduce delivery time and enable quick implementation.

  • Strategic Account Planning
    • Enhances sales efficiency by 40%
    • Identifies gaps and helps for trainings/coaching of sales team members​
    • Helps sales teams meet or exceed their annual quota​
    • Assists building new capabilities/offerings and drives new opportunities​
    • Improves customer cross-sell index and customer health index
  • CPQ Lite
    • Enables dynamic product and pricing configurations ​
    • Supports subscription model services ​
    • Enhances sales productivity by 90% with quick and accurate generation of quotation and digital signature​
    • Improves product/pricing accuracy by 45%​
  • Adobe Sign Integration Plug-in
    • Quick setup of digital signature for contracts
  • Digital Case Management
    • Proactive monitoring of cases for resolution​
    • Increase in customer satisfaction by 40%​

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