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Efficient management of business processes within time and budget is a challenge for many enterprises today. To keep up with modern day requirements and eliminate the need for paper intensive and manual processes, enterprises must adopt modernization and innovation swiftly.

Hexaware’s Intelligent Document Processing unleashes the power of digitalization and helps businesses modernize their manual, time consuming and costly accounts payables or insurance claims processes by leveraging automation using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. The platform lets you automatically classify complex documents and extract data that can be integrated with your downline business systems with ease.

Benefits of using Hexaware’s IDP solution

  • 70-80% improvement in accuracy of processing documents
  • Over 30% reduction in overall costs of processing
  • Higher efficiency resulting in 25-50% reduction in time consumption
  • Our solution also scores high on security and performance which is backed by Azure’s infrastructure, availability, compliance and manageability
  • The platform leverages Microsoft Azure’s ever reliable cognitive services for auto classification and extraction of data

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