On-premises database performance bottlenecks are not capable of handling the explosive data growth which a business may witness. High cost of data storage, poor scalability and operational complexities make them unfit for data management.

Our AMAZE™ for Data & AI platform leverages the benefits of cloud databases rapidly through database migration service and incorporates automatic scalability, industry leading performance, reduced costs and built-in analytics capabilities to derive insights in real-time.

AMAZE™ automates the process of data migration, schema conversion and database table creation to save significant time and costs in the migration journey.





Accelerate DB Migration to Azure with us!


  • Migrate and optimize database compute and storage consumption on cloud to bring in 50% – 60% savings in TCO
  • Experience near-zero downtime while performing the migration with AMAZE™ for Data & AI
  • End-to-end automation in assessment, migration of data and schema objects and provisioning, save time and efforts by over 60%. AMAZE™ for Data and AI factory model of automated migration maintains a consistent delivery quality that saves cost overruns.

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