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Hexaware Is One of the Only Three Providers to Have Eight or More Standout Case Studies in the 2022 ISG Digital Case Study Awards™

March 29, 2023

The ISG Digital Case Study Awards™ is a research program that analyzes the objectives and drivers of competence in digital transformation. By evaluating distinguished case studies, ISG identifies the outstanding characteristics and common aspects that contribute to the success of digital programs. Outstanding submissions for the award are chosen based on a diverse assessment of the impact of digital transformation on the client’s business and the distinctiveness of the provider’s solution.

ISG researchers evaluated over 300 case studies and selected the ones that personify the best of provider and client partnerships in 2022. These eight Hexaware ‘standout’ case studies exhibit the various traits which bring about digital success via challenging, distinctive, and effective solutions.


Case Study: “Updating a legacy system with automation that fit the client’s existing infrastructure”



Hexaware and its client Liverpool Victoria Financial Services had a standout case study in the Insurance category for the United Kingdom region. Hexaware collaborated with the client for automating their systems using their Tensai AutomatON platform. Leveraging their design studio to create bespoke bots which could work within their legacy infrastructure, this solution successfully integrated complex automation across multiple technologies. These bots performed work equivalent to 22 FTEs.

Liverpool Victoria Financial Services and Hexaware’s solution delivered great benefits in efficiency and cost savings. In some cases, the automation was able to speed processes up from 20 days to just six.

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Case Study: “Modernizing a facilities service center revolutionized the employee experience”


Hexaware and its client Woolworths had a standout case study in the Retail category for the Australia and New Zealand region. The client wanted to improve their operations, in-store employee experience, and customer experience. Hexaware took over end-to-end store operations services and performed the following:

  • Upgraded the automation framework by introducing bots
  • Established (and still operates) a 24-hour, 7-days-aweek, support center for proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Built a fresh business process for many workflows, designed around employee needs

The newly enhanced facilities service center has improved employee satisfaction scores by 40%, with staff attrition dropping significantly below industry averages.

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Case Study: “A cloud-based automation solution streamlined an accounts payable workflow”


Hexaware and its client Koki Holdings had a standout case study in the Global and Manufacturing categories for the Australia and New Zealand region. The client wanted to improve the speed and accuracy of their accounts payable business processes. Hexaware’s solution simplified the company’s processes without disrupting their day-to-day operations. It centered around a new, cloud-based platform which offered: 

  • Improved controls, compliance, and audit trails
  • Greater transparency, allowing for budget tracking and improved workflows
  • Integration with multiple ERPs

Hexaware also established a center of excellence to train new staff on the platform. Hexaware’s solution successfully eliminated redundancies and manual work, provided better end-user acceptance, and reduced costs.

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Case Study: “Launched a first-of-its-kind digital customizable fashion showroom experience to engage luxury buyers” 


Hexaware and its client ORDRE Group had a standout case study in the Retail category for the Australia and New Zealand region. The client wanted to replicate the showroom experience online. Hexaware created a fashion-tech digital experience platform with immersive embodied features, including: 

  • 360-degree virtual tours, interactive videos with purchasing links, and looks collections to showcase designer offerings
  • Cross-platform customization and templates to power impactful, on-brand designs

Within only a month after launch, the client had smoothly onboarded two major brands. Since then, it has onboarded over 30 luxury brands. The client drew a large influx of orders in their first season and reports steady and stable growth since launch. 

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Case Study: “Modernizing a financial services platform expanded access and services to customers” 


Hexaware and its client Shaype had a standout case study in the Technology category for the Australia and New Zealand region. To expand their capabilities, Shaype approached Hexaware to help modernize technology infrastructure. Based on an architecture designed to improve the platform, key highlights of the solution include: 

  • Modernizing the client-side AWS-based technology stack by simplifying Shaype’s services into a streamlined marketplace
  • Building a configurable API gateway and upgrading legacy technology to create low-cost access
  • Helping Shaype establish an API marketplace allowing its customers to offer modern payment experiences to their customers

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Case Study: “New ERP for a divested entity leverages accelerated carve-out methodology to create value” 


Hexaware and its client CRCL LLP had a standout case study in the Consumer Products category for the India region. Post divestiture, the client had just four months to implement a new ERP platform to avoid paying a large maintenance cost to continue using the SAP ecosystem of the company they separated from.

Hexaware mapped and transferred all the necessary data to a new SAP S/4HANA system. The seamless data migration enabled the client to move at the pace of the business, with improved data security to comply with GDPR standards. The new SAP solution was seamlessly launched with zero defects and integrated with all downstream applications, ensuring business continuity from day one.

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Case Study: “Streamlining human capital management applications with a Workday-centric solution cuts capex and improves operations” 


Hexaware and its client, a global insurance company, had a standout case study in the Insurance category for the Global region. The client had a highly siloed application portfolio for human capital management (HCM). In addition to a larger capex, they lacked a centralized HR view of their operations. 

In a complex migration program with distinct phases, Hexaware transitioned all users and tools. Tangible benefits included: 

  • Lower per-employee costs for the system
  • Fewer HR FTEs
  • Fewer IT resources and lower operation costs 

As a result of this program, the client was able to retire 87% of their legacy systems, moving from over 150 applications to fewer than 20. 

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Case Study: “Expanding revenue and customer relations through a sales app that helps agents close deals” 


Hexaware and its client, a leading furniture company, had a standout case study in the Retail category and North America region. The client wanted a solution to expand their partner’s customer service capabilities. Hexaware created a vital mobile app with the following features:

  • Interactive catalogues with furniture visualization and 360-degree tours
  • Access to sales enablers like a priority quick-shipping program, product configurator, AI-driven palettes, and pricing guides

The client described the app as helping to improve their revenue and boost customer engagement. The sales pipeline increased by 25%. The overall sales cycle time decreased by 30%.

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