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Welcome to Hexaware’s free Field360 Maturity Assessment

Starting on a field service transformation journey can involve a lot of uncertainty, both in terms of the nature of transformation required, and the value you can expect from it. Our maturity assessment tool walks you through a brief questionnaire to generate a detailed and immediately accessible report.

Get a preview into what field service transformation can do for you

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What our Field360 Assessment Report provides:

  • Field Service Landscape
    • Recommendations regarding field service modules that can best benefit from an upgrade
    • Detailed modular view of upgraded field service functionalities
  • Gap analysis:
    • Benefit achievable (module-level) through field service modernization
    • Realizable potential as represented on Hexaware’s Field360 Maturity Curve
  • Benefits:
    • Indicative benefits in terms of percentage of cost reduction and value
    • Potential ROI achievable over a 3Y timeframe
  • Industry Peer Comparison
    • Current positioning of your organization on various field service metrics


We encourage you to have on hand high-level data about your current field services team and spend to derive the maximum benefit from this assessment.

Please note that this maturity assessment report is being provided as an indicative preview. Actual field service transformation plans when finalized, may vary from the above due to consideration of additional factors, changes in inputs and balancing field service strategy against other organizational priorities.

Contact us today to talk to our consultants about your field service needs. Find out more about how our 7-day business value consulting workshop can help you develop a solution plan and structured roadmap for your field services.

Get a preview into what field service transformation can do for you

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