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The retail industry is in flux, with new technologies and changing customer behaviors driving both growth and disruption. These changes include:

  • Subscription platforms such as Amazon increasingly automating shopping solutions through one-tap purchases, auto-renewals, and same-day deliveries.
  • Businesses allowing customization of products compared to traditional companies that offer traditional products.
  • More robots being used in retail operations, from chatbots that answer customer queries on business websites to robots in fulfillment centers that help in packing and shipping.

ReAl (Retail Allocation) is a retail solution that makes it easy for retailers to stay on top of product logistics to ensure smooth operational flow. Using ReAl, retail planners can sort and stack important data to arrive at the best possible decisions and strategize for the most viable ways to deliver better customer experiences. ReAl empowers decision makers to measure, track, and manage several many Key Performance Indicators


ReAL ensures that supply for each item at each store matches demand just-in-time.


ReAL allows inventory planners to reduce store stock and operating costs, while increasing customer satisfaction (reducing lost sales).


The algorithms use historical data to make future predictions, but in the absence of this data, the algorithms adapt by using benchmarks to derive these predictions.


  • Fully automated stock allocation and replenishment
  • Optimal initial allocation for new products and stores
  • Reduction of stock outs and average inventory levels

Retail Allocation 4.0: ReAl

In light of the unanticipated crisis, the retail industry is witnessing changing customer behavior. While other businesses are automating their solutions and subscription platforms, it has become imperative for the retail industry to follow suit.


Retail Allocation 4.0: ReAl

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