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Supply chain managers face various issues that require increasingly specialized handling such as:

  • Globalization: Suppliers must be in strategic locations, adhere to global standards, and offer solid local presence to stabilize procurement networks and ensure fast and reliable service for clients.
  • Product Obsolescence: Enterprises should leverage a tool that allows them to minimize the overall number of products in distribution and reduce obsolescence in stores and distribution warehouses.
  • Evolving Consumer Demands and Expectations: As customer demands and expectations change—with social media being one of the driving factors—enterprises should act in real time using a system that can seamlessly and automatically adapt to new orders.
  • Changing Consumer Markets: Today’s consumer market conditions expect businesses to deliver products that keep up with prevailing trends. Shorter product life cycles also require a consistent and effective lean supply chain solution.


Reserve Assignment and Integrated Shipping Environment (RAISE) is an Autonomous Supply Chain platform that continuously matches supply and demand in real time and delivers instructions to execution platforms. It manages complex logistics structure and allows easy management of supply chain entities, physical routes according to lead times. It also enables customization of demand classes and segmentation of customers according to priority, reserve coverage and shipping strategy


RAISE automatically fulfills allocation requests for stores and proposes allocation recommendations for wholesale partners.


When central stock is scarce, the allocation priority ranking can be composed of several factors including service levels, target revenues or manual customer priorities. Their combination can be easily adjusted, and their effects can be understood through the simulation feature.


The algorithm assigns and reserves stock for orders at a future date in order to anticipate allocation decisions. These assignments can also be locked to ensure that this stock is no longer available for other allocations.


  • -50% INVENTORY
  • Central stock load balancing between stores and wholesale partners
  • Maximize the revenue potential of stock and decrease holding costs
  • Fulfill desired service levels for all customers

SCM 4.0 Reserve Assignment and Integrated Shipping Environment (RAISE)

This brochure reveals how Reserve Assignment and Integrated Shipping Environment (RAISE) can help in supply chain optimization.


SCM 4.0 Reserve Assignment and Integrated Shipping Environment (RAISE)

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