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ORS Big Data Intelligent Decisioning (BDID) is a suite of predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions that bring together disparate silos of enterprise data and external data in the retail world and delivers actionable insights. Key solutions from the suite are as follows:

Price Elasticity:

Use historic sales data and forward-looking forecast data to help understand the impact of price on demand and how price changes would influence demand and affect margins. The system suggests initial pricing as well as mark down pricing using data-driven pricing strategies to maximize margins across demand cycles.

Post Promotion Analytics (PPA):

Evaluates the real economic impact of a promotion to better plan upcoming promotions. Significantly reduces non-performing promotions by identifying products that are not price-elastic. In addition, the system finds products that are correlated (for e.g. Ties and Shirts) to better manage related items promotion.

Store Efficiency:

Uses DEA type analysis to categorize, cluster and benchmark stores by metrics that are controllable and compares against stores that are most efficient on those parameters. Using Store Efficiency, the organization can better manage performance of a non-performing store and setup improvement KPIs for those stores that can be controlled at the store level ensuring a level playing field.

BenchMark (Best Worst Seller Monitor)

Quantitatively study the performance of the color, style and design of products in the past across seasons, stores, and locations to understand stocks better.

Cluster Analytics:

Assemble and integrate siloed enterprise data by applying deep math algorithms, statistical models, and econometrics to business processes.


BDID is an end-to-end data aggregation, assimilation and analytics platform that brings together disparate silos of enterprise and external data.


By applying sophisticated math, statistics and econometrics to drive insights, intelligence and innovation in business processes — from strategic planning to tactical execution.


BDID supports business users by helping them analyze their data without having to rely on IT teams.


  • 15+% MARGIN
  • Real-time visibility of all store operations
  • Sophisticated demand & price elasticity computations
  • Build profitable campaigns

Retail Analytics 4.0 – Big Data Retail Analytics (BDRA)

This brochure discusses about how business intelligence and predictive analytics can augment the future and scalability in the retail industry.


Retail Analytics 4.0 – Big Data Retail Analytics (BDRA)

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