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Hexaware’s strategies help organizations with end-to-end enterprise-level automation that is required for delivering superior services and improved user experiences. The year 2020 has forced organizations to deep dive into the enterprise technology landscape and pursue business deliveries through remote working or with minimal employees while adapting to new digital forms. While, automation and digital leapfrogging help establish business continuity, the most important asset – ‘data’ also has the dire need to be converted into structured and semi-structured actionable insights.

To further extend Hexaware’s service capabilities in the retail and manufacturing space, we have partnered with the ORS Group. We shall be drawing upon our complementary capabilities in statistical AI/ ML and deep learning solutions, to enhance and automate data-driven decision-making for defining intelligently automated and sustainable, future ready business models that can withstand possible downturns. These combined strengths leverage an algorithmic automated approach that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for smart decision making which helps Retail, CPG and Manufacturing organizations scale rapidly to meet changing customer expectations while minimizing operational costs and tackling disruptions encountered in supply chains.

ORS Syncronos™:

ORS Syncronos is a Digital Twin platform for business operations transformation. We use AI and Machine Learning to consume internal and external data, identify new patterns, sense demand and react to scenarios in real-time. ORS Synchronous can move all critical decisions,
including Capital Budgeting, Merchandising, Sourcing, Supply Chain, Allocation and Fulfillment closer to the market and closer to the season — creating the Supply Chain at the Edge™.


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