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Insurers worldwide have been implementing Guidewire InsuranceSuite for more than a decade to achieve operational efficiencies. Today more and more Insurers plan to move InsuranceSuite to cloud and leverage cloud-native capabilities. The journey to cloud goes through an upgrade from a lower Guidewire version to InsuranceSuite v10.x which comes with new features and functionalities like enhanced UI, better deductible management, REST API support and Integration views, to name a few.

Insurers typically face several challenges in their journey to InsuranceSuite v10.x upgrade, which increases the effort and time-to-market. They include:

  • Manual process to resolve database inconsistency errors, cyclic graph issues, production db upgrade, deprecated / removed API changes and mismatch of financials during data reconciliation.
  • No to low automation in testing and deployment process.
  • Business users want new functionalities to be merged during the upgrade itself which increases the need for thorough planning and testing.

Why Work with Hexaware

Hexaware accelerates the journey of upgrade to InsuranceSuite v10.x through an automation-led approach with its DigIT toolkit.

Features of DigIT:

  • DigIT performs an automated fit gap/impact analysis, identifies customization and best practice violations in the code. It also performs a cloud readiness assessment to minimize risk and disruption. It further provides an estimate for the upgrade.
  • DigIT reduces time-to-market and upgrade effort by 15-20% through automation.
  • Upgrade delivered by our Guidewire certified team with right blend of technical and functional skills.

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