How Automation Helped a Century-Old Insurer Enhance Operational Efficiency, Reduce Manual Workloads, and Optimize Costs  How Automation Helped a Century-Old Insurer Enhance Operational Efficiency, Reduce Manual Workloads, and Optimize Costs 

How Automation Helped a Century-Old Insurer Enhance Operational Efficiency, Reduce Manual Workloads, and Optimize Costs 

Achieving operational excellence with automated solutions


Our client is the world’s leading insurance company, founded over a century ago. It specializes in four areas: voluntary benefits, financial benefits, small business benefits, and wealth creation. The company is committed to delivering comprehensive solutions that enhance policyholders’ financial security and wellbeing. The client has a global presence with 4100+ employees and 25+ offices worldwide. 


The client faced the burden of outdated and inefficient legacy IT systems, the drain of manual processes that consumed valuable time and resources, and the weight of cost inefficiencies that impeded their capacity to invest strategically. The challenges include:  

  • Legacy IT Systems: The client grappled with legacy IT systems that were inefficient, manual, and prone to errors. These systems hindered operational efficiency and customer service. 
  • Manual Workload: Manual processes consume valuable time and resources, preventing employees from focusing on more strategic, value-added tasks. 
  • Cost Inefficiencies: Operational inefficiencies resulted in higher costs, limiting the client’s ability to invest in critical areas of the business. 

What the client wanted:  

  • Transition from legacy systems to modern, automated IT solutions. 
  • Enhance operational efficiency and reduce manual workloads. 
  • Optimize costs and allocate resources more effectively. 

The client trusted Hexaware to walk hand-in-hand with them on the path of growth.    


Hexaware drove transformative IT changes and ushered the client into a new era of automation and efficiency through:  

  • Complete IT Support with Managed Services Model: The client adopted a fully outsourced IT support model, giving Hexaware the authority to make technology decisions while adhering to business-defined parameters. This shift allowed for a more agile and responsive IT environment. 
  • Automation Focus: Automation became a central focus during this transformation. Hexaware replaced manual efforts with efficient, automated processes, freeing up employees for more strategic work.  
  • Application Support Automation: Level 1 and 2 automation for various processes, including VBS payment files, mainframe prose, and case setup, significantly reduced errors in case configuration. 
  • Task Automation: Routine IT tasks such as auto-comparing Selerix data, mainframe critical path and obsolete job analysis, mainframe holiday schedule analysis, CBS batch automation, and server monitoring were automated, reducing manual intervention. 
  • Business Process Automation: Complex business processes involving file transfers, benefits administration application files, and case automation were automated to eliminate errors and enhance precision. 
  • Policy Cancellation Automation: Using UiPath RPA (Robotic Process Automation), the client’s policy cancellation process was entirely automated, achieving 100% automation and improved efficiency without sacrificing quality.  
  • Cost Optimization: Hexaware introduced a cost optimization solution, which optimized processes and enabled the client to reallocate resources to critical areas. 


At a time when automation is reshaping industries and setting benchmarks for success, Hexaware’s dedicated efforts have emerged as a beacon of transformative change. The benefits we delivered for this client include: 

  • Reduction in Manual Effort: Hexaware’s automation efforts led to a substantial reduction (450+ person-days) in manual effort for ticket resolution. 
  • Reduced System Downtime: Automation enhancements resulted in reduced system downtime, enhancing system availability. 
  • Cost Savings: The client realized cost savings of approximately $1.4 million through Hexaware’s Continuous Value Additions (CVAs) and automation initiatives within 3 years of partnership. 
  • Efficiency Gains: Automation of manual processes and legacy system upgrades led to substantial efficiency gains, allowing employees to focus on higher-value tasks. 
  • Improved Quality: The automation of critical processes, such as policy cancellations, improved process quality and accuracy. 
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Streamlined operations and reduced errors resulted in improved customer service and satisfaction. 
  • Competitive Advantage: The client gained a competitive edge by embracing modern technology and automation in the insurance industry. 


Hexaware played a pivotal role in transforming IT operations, reducing costs, and enhancing operational efficiency. The automation initiatives enabled the client to streamline processes, improve customer service, and allocate resources more effectively. 

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