DASH - DevOps solution for Guidewire

DASH - DevOps solution for Guidewire

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Digital transformation initiatives are pushing Insurance organizations to compete with aggressive timelines and high-quality standards for rollouts of the Guidewire suite of products. Business expects IT to deliver:

  • Frequent releases to ensure competitiveness and compliance
  • Productivity in delivering new functionalities faster
  • Minimum operational overheads with early identification of issues and no quality concerns
  • Continuous improvement for all applications to make them as stable and secure as possible

There are however few challenges that inhibit IT to deliver the above objectives

  • Very often, the code committed to the code repository is broken
  • Manual testing of applications is usually a long and error prone process
  • Applications aren’t stable because of errors in integration and version mismatches
  • Manual deployment consumes effort of few consultants to deliver and maintain environments

Hexaware’s solution for DevOps for Guidewire ecosystem, DASH

A well-defined DevOps model is key to stitch together the entire SDLC stack and bring in automation at each step of Guidewire implementation. Hexaware’s DevOps solution for Guidewire ecosystem, DASH, helps Insurers achieve this goal using the following 3 pillars of our offering:

  • Infrastructure as code – Helps developers to provision workstations for their software quickly and helps spin new environments within minutes
  • Build and deployment as a code – Reduces time spent on process configuration and ensures that within 1-day preconfigured DevOps solution can be deployed on customer environment
  • Shift left test automation – Supports continuous testing in Agile and DevOps environment using our iD2E (Integrated Design to Execution) platform

Why work with Hexaware

  • Speed-to-market by reducing the deployment timelines to a week rather than months
  • Increase stability of the application by integrating smoke, regression, performance testing as part of the automated deployment cycle
  • Decrease the risk using infrastructure and deployment as a code which are less prone to human errors
  • Reduce cost of IT and infrastructure by 15% to 20% using DevOps as a code which automates about 90% of deployment cycle


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