API Connect for Property & Casualty Insurance

API Connect

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Digital is disrupting the conventional Insurance business models. To leverage this digital surge in engagement with the new generation customers, insurers are burdened to introduce new channels, provide enhanced self-service thereby improve their Net Promoter Score. This is challenging as core systems are tightly coupled with a specific channel and fresh integrations are to be built to introduce any new channel.

Hexaware has built a composable platform, API Connect, to enable self-service through any device of choice and to achieve straight-through-processing and API led automation personalized for individual customers. Our API Connect Platform has 200+ pre-build inbound and outbound APIs . Outbound APIs have been developed using Edge APIs, which forms a part of Guidewire Insurance Suite. Inbound APIs are restful web-services. We have extensive experience using 3rd party Cloud-ready service providers to validate policy and claims transactions as well as in prefilling for policy and claims creation processes.

Hexaware Digital platform uses Mulesoft to build a canonical model , prebuilt plugins , reference architecture, best practices and implementation framework, thereby ensuring seamless interaction between the system, process and experience layers.

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