Oracle Insurance Policy Administration Platform and Quality Assurance


Oracle Insurance Policy Administration Platform and Quality Assurance

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During core digital transformation programs, quality assurance and other testing workstreams are some of the most time consuming and resource intensive efforts. For global insurance companies supporting multiple lines of business, spanning different lingua, borders, and regulatory bodies, ensuring one’s core operational systems are fully vetted and ready for production can be extremely challenging and complex.

Because of the innate challenges in quality assurance, Hexaware invested in building a proprietary testing workbench. The OIPAQA Workbench is composed of two parts. Part I is the ID2E for OIPA.

Hexaware has built a model driven, test design and execution framework for the Oracle Insurance Policy Administration platform – OIPA and its sister applications. ID2E – Integrated Design to Execution.

ID2E is a testing lifecycle automation solution developed and tailored for OIPA with more than 3,500 pre-built use case and test scenarios. Once deployed, ID2E has led to more than a 40% reduction in overall testing costs. Additionally, it has proved an increase of ALM test coverage by more than 300%.

Other productivity improvement metrics include:

  • Testing Automation productivity has increased by more than 700%
  • 40% reduction in QA workstream costs can lead to a 50% reduction in maintenance costs
  • 100% coverage of automated test artefacts
  • 60% increased test case creation throughput

Other Benefits of using ID2E include:

  • End-to-end automation and test design to test execution
  • Reusable model driven architecture
  • Pre-built repository of business process models
  • Supports automation of multiple UIs, web services, applications, middleware and protocols
  • Facilitates component integration and end-to-end testing
  • Reduced dependence on business SME’s documentation efforts
  • Benefits both greenfield and brownfield testing

Additionally, ID2E for OIPA works symbiotically with Hexaware’s related testing solution, TALOS™ for OIPA

TALOS for OIPA was built using the Selenium portable framework as its foundation for testing URL and web based applications. With Selenium, TALOS uses the ID2E design deliverables as inputs and with it the point and click automated testing for a quality assurance stream commences. This allows cross-browser testing and can be deployed on Linux, Microsoft and macOS platforms.

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