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Manage Cloud at Scale

Managing cloud at scale in a multi-cloud world is a challenge. To overcome this challenge, organizations need to introduce new processes, roles and drive excellence in operations. While transitioning to the cloud has become prevalent, traditional methods are now being replaced with modern cloud architecture. Not opting for the later might not only result in missing out on opportunities but also incur needless financial losses.

Evolving to an integrated Cloud Operations Model leads enterprises to 90% faster software delivery, more stable and scalable products and services, and significantly reduced cost compared to traditional organizations and organizations not managing the cloud in an integrated fashion.

Hexaware helps customers by transforming their operations approach by introducing models for the future –

  • Multi-cloud management layer
  • End-to-end automation platforms
  • Self-service model integrating into the customer environment
  • Managed services to drive focus on value creation
  • Target Operating Model for multi-cloud and a mixed cloud native, cloud platform, cloud infrastructure and legacy environment

We apply our automation-first approach to all the operations across the four areas of amaze® for Manage.

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