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Leapfrog directly from analogue to digital leadership through cloud transformation and innovation

We are working with our clients to consider every dimension of their digital business. We create and execute strategies and products to enable a frictionless experience, drive innovation thinking and build next-gen solutions.

Cloud is the foundation of a digital enterprise. Cloud services are the enabler of leapfrogging from an analogue enterprise to a post-COVID-19 digital leader. They help achieve operational efficiency, leading to innovation opportunities and enhanced customer experiences. At Hexaware, we help you build and make best use of this digital backbone to achieve your goals faster and at high scalability.

Making use of cloud at an enterprise level and transforming existing ecosystems is a challenge many enterprises have been avoiding by focusing directly on new applications. Perceived complexity, compliance fears and cultural habits drive such decisions. To focus on value and the fast pace of innovation in the digital age enterprises need:

  • to break through the past blockers and
  • work with a partner that sets off on a joint journey towards becoming a digital enterprise.


Cloudify Everything® is Hexaware’s outcome-driven strategy to enable organizations to reap the benefits of cloud transformation through the use of automation, managed services, blueprint templates for building cloud architectures and ringing in cultural change. The separation of applications and infrastructure from digital innovation through traditional architecture, deployment and operations has led to a disconnect in transformation speeds. We transform the traditional ecosystem at scale and with speed and aim to break the separation between legacy and new.

Reap Full Benefits of the Cloud

Innovate with Cloud

Innovate with Cloud


  • Design and build digital products and services that serve a purpose
  • Use cloud-native apps to drive value
  • Leverage DevOps strategy and execution

Cloud Transformation


  • Get ready for the cloud
  • Move existing applications into the cloud
  • Transform existing applications to become containerized and cloud native
Cloud Transformation

Hexaware Ranked Number 1 in the HFS Research Report ‘Market Analysis: Disruptive Hyperscaler Cloud Service Providers’ 2021

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