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TIBCO BusinessWorks On-premises to Cloud! Is the Cloud Modernization really that Complicated?


November 23, 2021

The reasons for cloud migration of TIBCO BusinessWorks application include leveraging the possibilities of a cloud-based environment and consolidation, upgradation, or modernization of the existing application to help it process and evaluate data more effectively and affordably. Some more advantages include low maintenance cost, less physical setup, and ease of accessibility from anywhere anytime.

Amaze®, Hexaware’s rapid cloud replatforming product suite for enterprise cloud modernization, has been highly effective in the migration of TIBCO BusinessWorks from on-premises to cloud PaaS. Here is how amaze® gives a competitive advantage as compared to the traditional approach.

For TIBCO BusinessWorks replatforming to Spring Boot integration, we consider the operational functionality listed below:

  • On-start process
  • Main process
  • Sub-processes
  • Process activities/operations
  • REST API endpoints
  • XSD to JAXB conversion
  • Process state holders
  • Global variables
  • Cloud-ready deployable

Why TIBCO BusinessWorks Cloud Modernization with Amaze® is Rapid and Seamless?

  • Each adaptor/invoker in the TIBCO BusinessWorks application is considered as a macro and micro service
  • Effort and estimation can be calculated based on the process and activity for all the applications
  • All the sub-processes to be called via REST API service
  • REST API endpoints used to trigger one service to another
  • REST API service input and output will be used for XML/JSON format
  • Secure communication access for the entire application by using API gateway

Key Business Advantages by Leveraging Amaze®

  • Rapid cloud migration in just 6-8 weeks
  • 50% less TCO due to containerization and by elimination of TIBCO BusinessWorks
  • 50% less implementation cost due to automation
  • 50% faster migration than manual efforts

Assessment is the Key

Amaze®-led automated assessment helps to identify the applications that are currently suitable for cloud migration. It also gives clarity on the possible impact after the application migration to cloud. The assessment tool analyses all the connectors, filters, process activity flow, and sub-processes flows. Based on the evaluation data, amaze® generates a detailed report covering on-start, main, and sub-processes, and relevant connector matches.

How Amaze® makes the Execution Process Simple and Fast?

Amaze® helps in seamless cloud migration of TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x application to the Spring Boot framework that is cloud native. It allows a customized target environment (that will be ready-to-deploy) on any cloud environment. It understands the TIBCO BusinessWorks business workflow and automates 50 to 60% in Spring Boot application. The remaining ~40% manual business logic migration work is supported by amaze® engineers. The figure below gives a brief overview of the TIBCO BusinessWorks cloud migration process with amaze®.

Real-world Implementation

One of our banking clients wanted to perform cloud modernization of their TIBCO BusinessWorks application to the Spring Boot integration application. The TIBCO workflow was accepting JMS message input and processing input document type. It was validating the document from the IBM on-demand server and sending the response to the JMS queue. In between, the process created a query based on the document type, retrieved document information, and updated the current transactions. The TIBCO project had 2 main processes, 32 sub-processes, and 181 activities involved. The process started by using JMS inbound and ended by sending a message to JMS outbound to trigger other application flows.

We leveraged amaze® to migrate the entire application to cloud native Java Spring Boot integration application on AWS. This gave the key advantages of cross-platform deployment support and improvement in performance. The legacy libraries and frameworks were upgraded to the latest cloud native standards catering to best practices and structure. All the reusable processes were migrated as microservices with REST API endpoints for future reuse. The new application on the cloud was more scalable and flexible to manage current as well as future needs. We adopted a modern and cloud-friendly technology stack. Amaze® led to a 50% reduction in API replatforming effort and cost.

At Hexaware, our application cloud migration and transformation center of excellence has developed amaze® to make your application migration to the cloud easy, seamless, and with 70% less manual effort. To get a view into our TIBCO BusinessWorks replatforming services, visit us at hexaware.com

Please write to amaze@hexaware.com to get started with a free assessment for cloud transformation of your TIBCO BusinessWorks application.

About the Author

Sasikumar Periyasamy

Sasikumar Periyasamy

Sasikumar Periyasamy works with Hexaware as Technical Architect for amaze® offering under Cloudify Applications services. In his current role, he is responsible for design migration steps for middleware technology and also leads TIBCO BW migration to Spring Boot application. He possesses skills in BPMs, service bus, and connectors, and has hands-on experience in software development using Java and J2EE technologies.

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