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Posted by Owaise Ahmad M
April 26th, 2013

SAP is providing many mobile services that are useful for organizations to run business operations in a quick and easy way. Doing business operation on desktops is an old method. The new trend now emphasizes many employees and employers wanting to do business in a Mobile environment.

Careful planning and caution adaption of mobile technology will increase the demand on IT. How you handle these demands will have a significant impact on your competitiveness, costs, efficiency, productivity, and business results. Get expert help on matters of your organization’s adoption level – with mobile consulting services from SAP

  • Determine how mobile technology will impact your organization
  • Identify relevant scenarios for deploying mobile software solutions
  • Design a clear mobile strategy and prepare for implementation and development
  • Educate and train your staff – to accelerate user adoption and maximize productivity

Listing of SAP mobile apps available in the SAP mobile store.

Mobile apps Platform Version Size
SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management Ipad 1.4.0 8.01M
SAP Travel receipt capture Iphone 2.3.1 9.11M
SAP Cart approval Iphone 2.3.1 3.55M
SAP Customer and contacts Iphone 2.2.0 3.95M
SAP Employee look up Iphone 2.2.0 4.28M
SAP Leave request Iphone 2.3.1 3.51M
SAP Travel expenses approval Iphone 2.2.1 4.21M
SAP Timesheet Iphone 2.3.0 3.08M
SAP Sales order notification Iphone 2.2.0 3.83M
SAP Material availability Iphone 2.2.0 3.23M
SAP HR approvals Iphone 2.3.0 4.39M
Customer financial factsheet Universal 3.1.0 9.85M
SAP ERP order status Iphone 2.2.0 3.07M
SAP ERP Quality issue Iphone 1.1.0 3.06M
SAP HCM Manager insight Ipad 1.2.0 7.55M
SAP citizen connect Iphone 1.2.0 1.50M
SAP Transport tendering Iphone 1.2.0 2.97M
SAP Access approvers Iphone 2.2.0 3.13M
SAP Payment approvals Iphone 2.2.0 3.26M
SAP Electronic medical record Universal 1.1.0 12.75M
SAP CRM Sales Universal 2.0.6 17.6
SAP TDMS manager for Iphone Iphone 1.1.0 4.47M
SAP Travel on demand for iphone Ipad 2.0.0 11.96M
SAP Business by design active sales Ipad 1.0.0 18.51M
Recalls Plus iphone 1.1.0 4.28M
SAP Customer briefing Ipad 1.1.1 13.53M
SAP TDMS manager for Ipad Ipad 1.0.0 5.27M
SAP Travel on demand V3 for Iphone Iphone 3.1.7 20.89M
SAP in stores product look up Iphone 1.0.1 4.87M
SAP GRC Policy survey Ipad 1.0.0 6.20M
SAP Learning assistant Ipad 1.0.0 4.42M
SAP Policy holders look up Iphone 1.0.0 3.30M
SAP Travelexpenses report Iphone 1.0.1 3.64M
SAP Stream work feed updates Ipad 1.0.0 3.84M
SAP streem work brain stroming Ipad 1.0.0 10.13M
SAP EHS safety issue Iphone 1.0.1 12.72M
sap Collection in sight Iphone 1.0.0 1.26M
SAP Mobile Apps Iphone 1.2.0 6.32M
SAP Replication manager for Iphone Iphone 1.0.1 2.83M

Usage of Mobile application.

Recent survey in SAP mobility by J. Gold Associates showed that Primary Users by Title of Mobile Applications were C-level executives (49%), VP/Director Level (58%), Managers/Department heads (61%) and Staff (58%). Every category is at or above 50% adoption and no one is being left behind. Mobility has moved its way from the boardroom all the way through the organization with significant uptake by every employee along the way.

Mobile files

We can save SAP mobile files in our computer, tablets and other devices. SAP mobile document work with Windows, Mac, and HTML5 web browser and on iPad. Additional device support for android device and iPhone planned for next release.

Have your documents available on your mobile device even when not online. Synchronize single documents or complete folders. Offline content updates automatically when online next time just by one click.

Document statuses are:

  • Synchronized successfully
  • Dubbing right now
  • Unable to sync document

Option for document

  • Open
  • Print
  • E- Mail
  • Share

For Browser based document access no installation is needed. We can upload the document and we can share the document from browser.

Share document

License not required for share the SAP document. Repository for Sharing runs always in SAP NetWeaver Cloud. Sharing options like maximum expiration date or password policies configurable on customer level

Document sharing processing

1. Choose the document

2. Share in public folders

3. Invite others

We can set access permission to a group of people and any changes in the document will be reflected to everyone. Access permission restricted to a group of people.


SAP Mobile Documents protect user files

Security Policies prevent leakage of confidential data

Data encryption is applied for data in motion and data at rest

Device and policy management via SAP Afaria (optional)

Secure platform for on-demand scenarios with SAP Net Weaver Cloud

How IT can control Mobile content.

1. Observing

2. Authentication

3. Rights and controlled sharing

4. Reports auditing

5. Data loss prevention

6. Group based collaboration

7. Separation of personal and business documents


SAP Mobile Documents server is the key component for this infrastructure. The server runs on the SAP NetWeaver AS Java and implements the CMIS industry standard for the various clients and back-end systems.

Table 2: Entities of an SAP Mobile Documents System Landscape Entity Description
SAP Mobile Documents server Java application acting as a client for connected CMIS-enabled repositories and as a server for various clients as described below.
SAP Mobile Documents iOS client CMIS-enabled mobile application for repository browsing and document viewing. Offline capabilities including caching and synchronization of documents.
SAP Mobile Documents desktop client Standalone desktop application for MAC OS and Microsoft Windows that keeps the documents in the MYDOCUMENTS repository in sync with local file system.
SAP Mobile Documents web UI HTML5-based web application for managing the MYDOCUMENTS repository.
SAP Mobile Documents KM connector CMIS-enabled connector for KM repositories.
SSOEXT and SSO22KerbMap (ISAPI) filter ISAPI filter for user propagation to Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

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