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Performance Engineering using the Open source Softwares and its importance


March 1, 2013

ABSTRACT: This article here, basically deals on how to do performance engineering using the open source performance monitoring tools and why we prefer these tools in today’s market and their vital importance in the IT industry.

KEY WORDS: Performance Engineering, Open Source Softwares, JMT, OPS view, RRD Tool

A detailed explanation on the topic is described below as follows:

  • About Open Source Softwares and its importance
  • Open Source Tools for Performance Engineering
  • Conclusion
  • About Open Source Softwares and its importance

The revolution on introducing freedom to develop Softwares, with the rights to customize the codes, started since 2004 where Linus Torvalds established the Linux Federation. From then on till today we have lots of tools and languages developed wherein we can customize the codes according to our needs.

The importance of using the open source tool in today’s market is that the customers require their tasks to be done with low costs but with high quality of service. So these types of tools help both the customer as well as the servicing organizations in the business.

Open Source Tools for Performance Engineering

We have lot of performance monitoring tools that can be used for performance engineering available in the Open Source World such as:

  • RRD Tool- Host Grapher II (Round Robin Database)
  • JMT (Java Modeling Tool)
  • OPS View, etc.

The appropriate information on the above tool can be found in the below link respectively.

http://software.foxlink.org/hostgrapher2/main.html – Host Grapher II

http://jmt.sourceforge.net/Papers/JMT_users_Manual.pdf – JMT

http://docs.opsview.com/doku.php?id=start – OPS View

Out of them, OPS View tool might be used as it supports all the servers such as:

  • Web Server
  • Application server
  • Database server
  • Application server



There are also other open source tools available that can be used in monitoring specific metrics such as Java monitoring only, SQL monitoring only, etc. Based on the results of these monitoring tools we can move ahead with the performance engineering.
On the whole, the end to end performance testing can be carried out in a full-fledged manner using the open source tools itself without using other Proprietary tools in the market.


The above references mentioned can be used for the detailed study on the respective topics.

Also these references can be used such as:

OPS View Supported Technologies

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