A Guide to Optimizing Your ServiceNow Platform with Unified Automated Monitoring and Governance

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April 1, 2024

Is your unmonitored ServiceNow environment hindering operational success without your knowledge? Businesses heavily depend on platforms like ServiceNow to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and drive overall growth. Statistics have shown that 80% of Fortune 500 companies utilize ServiceNow. Nevertheless, monitoring ServiceNow application performance poses challenges, encompassing performance issues, security concerns, and scalability limitations.

Data buildup, configuration drift, and adhering to certain best practices can significantly impact performance, manageability, and ROI. Therefore, your business needs robust monitoring and governance solutions to address these challenges effectively and provide holistic insights into your ServiceNow instances.

This blog will explore how Hexaware’s Platform Inspector (HPI) will help you tackle these challenges and improve ServiceNow’s performance.

Challenges Businesses Face with ServiceNow Management

Organizations using ServiceNow often encounter challenges impacting their ability to leverage the platform’s potential fully. These challenges include:

1. Managing and Maximizing ServiceNow Potential

Balancing the use of different ServiceNow licenses, optimizing platform performance, and adhering to different best practices and guidelines can be challenging. Over time, large data and misconfiguration can slow down your platform. This impacts user experience and creates technical debt.

2. Platform Expansion

As your business grows and scales, uncontrolled changes and a limited review of your ServiceNow environment can lead to scalability issues. This limitation affects the platform’s ability to grow with your organization’s needs over time and may result in performance concerns.

3. Obtaining and Ensuring ROI

Maximizing ROI from your ServiceNow application management requires careful and strategic monitoring and resource management to ensure value. However, with numerous factors influencing outcomes, ROI can be challenging to track and measure.

4. Streamlined Upgrades

Consistent upgrades to your ServiceNow environment are vital for continuous improvement. However, complications introduced by required customizations can unnecessarily complicate the upgrade process.

5. Upholding Development Standards and Quality Assurance

Ensuring adherence to development standards and maintaining consistency across ServiceNow configurations is essential for long-term stability, platform health, and overall performance. This task can pose challenges attributed to insufficient technical expertise, intricate organizational workflows, and substantial implementation costs.

6. Lack of User Experience Monitoring and Service Optimization

Without proper monitoring and data-backed insights into user experiences, your business may not be able to realize the complete potential of ServiceNow for improving end-user satisfaction and adoption.

How Hexaware’s Platform Inspector (HPI) Can Help:

HPI offers businesses a holistic solution to the challenges associated with managing and optimizing instances with its ServiceNow monitoring tools.

1. Proactive Instance Health Monitoring and Issue Identification

HPI automatically scans instances across key areas such as manageability, performance, upgradeability, user experience, and security. This will help you proactively identify issues and potential concerns before they escalate and impact end-users.

2. Strengthening Platform Security Measures

HPI’s continuous ServiceNow health scans will help you identify and address potential risks and vulnerabilities. Scanning ServiceNow Platform health strengthens security measures to protect sensitive organizational information and avoid data breaches.

3. Centralized CMDB Health Dashboard

Your business can gain a centralized overview of CMDB health, identify data inconsistencies, and ensure that your configuration management database is accurate.

4. Effective License Utilization Management

HPI optimizes license utilization to identify underused licenses and untapped opportunities. This improves resource utilization and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

5. Simplifying Instance Upgradability

HPI-’s pre-upgrade scans simplify instance upgradeability by predicting potential roadblocks and providing insights into complexities with customization in advance.

6. Analyzing Service Portal Usage

You can analyze user activity and usage patterns in the Service Portal to understand user behavior and enhance the portal. This improves user experiences and further drives adoption.

7. Implementing Code Quality Checks

HPI implements robust and advanced code quality checks. This maintains development standards, identifies areas of improvement, and ensures code quality for long-term stability.

8. Service Catalog Rationalization

By analyzing your service catalog, HPI will help your business identify redundant or underutilized services. This will improve resource utilization and overall efficiency.

9. Automation Discovery Processes

HPI automates discovery processes to streamline operations and improve efficiency. This will help your business identify hidden integrations and dependencies by providing detailed insights about your ServiceNow performance monitoring.

Benefits of HPI Across Key Business Areas

1. Enhancing Performance

62% of businesses have identified three or more inefficiencies in their business processes that could be solved with effective workflow automation and monitoring. HPI helps businesses maximize ServiceNow performance and optimize platform speed and responsiveness by proactively monitoring instance health and addressing performance bottlenecks in advance. This ensures smooth operations and facilitates seamless user experiences.

2. Streamlining Manageability

HPI provides centralized monitoring, governance capabilities, automated tasks, and clear insights into platform health. Therefore, it simplifies platform engagement by enabling users to quickly oversee configurations, existing licenses, and available upgrades.

3. Safeguarding Security

Research has shown that 35% of IT decision-makers face challenges in cloud security and data privacy. HPI’s advanced security capabilities will help your business proactively protect sensitive data and address vulnerabilities. This safeguards your ServiceNow environment, ensures compliance with regulatory compliance, and maintains trust with stakeholders.

4. Simplifying Upgradability

HPI lets you gain detailed insights into potential roadblocks to configuration issues before upgrades. This streamlines the upgrade process by reducing downtime and day-to-day workflow disruptions.

5. Improving User Experience

With insights into service portal usage patterns and user activity, HPI can help your business tailor the platform for enhanced user experiences, productivity, and satisfaction.


HPI: 360-Degree Automated Monitoring Solution

HPI empowers businesses with a unified and automated approach to ServiceNow monitoring and governance.

With HPI, you can access a centralized, intuitive dashboard to access key insights into every aspect of your ServiceNow environment. Our extensive library of over 500 best practices ensures that your configuration stays ahead of industry standards and is optimized for performance and stability.

Get a complete look at your platform’s health and make better decisions with our easy-to-use scoring system and trend analysis. HPI prioritizes critical issues according to severity, providing detailed and proactive solutions for efficient resolution. Utilize HPI to schedule automated scans, preventing potential issues and ensuring the ongoing optimal health of your platform in a centralized manner.

Empower Your ServiceNow Platform with Unified Monitoring and Governance:

Hexaware’s HPI tool is the only tool you need for monitoring and governing your ServiceNow instances. By addressing challenges with managing and optimizing the platform, HPI will empower you to maximize efficiency, security, and user experiences.

Contact us today for a consultation to unleash the true potential of your ServiceNow application performance monitoring.

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