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Intelligent Automation in Banking

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September 15, 2020

Everything is replaceable– A phrase we came across often but are living it in the literal sense now. The only difference being, your replacement could now be a Bot, which leaves no qualms about the debate on the competency. Look around and you will find humans talking to machines; the irony here is while instilling skills to recognize and comprehend human emotions, we, on the other hand, are becoming Robots.

Nothing is designed to be stagnant

While the purpose of our existence is evolution, businesses, likewise, are evolving too. The backbone of any economy – the Banking industry, has significantly transformed itself to adapt from its legacy belief of built to last. They are now looking to apply smart technologies to build sustainable and scalable solutions.

Here’s why Banks have started considering modernizing their applications-

  • To adapt and align with business requirements
  • To aid in cost-effectiveness
  • To simplify legacy applications
  • For operational efficiency and agility

FinTech – The game-changer?

With the last decade witnessing a major shift in the customers’ expectations, not only is the delivery TAT a deciding factor but also the personalization of service. While the Banking industry has already taken to automation like a fish to water, the challenges still persist. With its onset into the digital foray, Banking consumers too want financial transactions to occur in real-time, redefining their priorities by implementing innovative technologies.

77% of traditional financial institutions plan to increase their focus on innovations to boost customer retention*

The evolution of FinTech has forced traditional FIs to adapt or augment their existing applications to meet market demands as customers now expect more. Better technology can enable organizations to meet these intensifying demands. Thus, Banks now can’t afford to turn a blind eye on adapting to the digital space. As a part of their strategy, traditional Banks are partnering with FinTechs to accelerate digital transformation. However, partnering alone won’t help; they also need to look at metamorphosing their existing IT systems.

Where are you in your automation journey?

Emerging automation-led technologies like RPA, AI, ML have given rise to robust and nimble solutions that identify evolving customer expectations and provide effective solutions. Banks will have to re-strategize by assessing their risks, gauging existing core platforms’ sustainability, aligning business priorities, etc.

Its time to reshape your digital journey and streamline processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and cognitive technologies. Amidst the COVID conundrum, Banks have realized the need for digital all the more. With AI being the Key Differentiator, FIs can experience improved operational metrics, integrated visibility and accountability.

Primarily used to improve customer experience by introducing Chatbots, AI implementation is not just restricted to that. Here are a few places that leverage AI for seamless integration –

  • Mitigation of risks by fraud detection
  • Digitizing manual processes
  • Enhancing straight-through processing for repetitive processes
  • Enabling predictive analysis based on structured and unstructured data

It isn’t one-size-fits-all. Wherever you are in your journey to automation, processes vary and so do the solutions. Deploying a roadmap that addresses the current situation and elevates the customer experience helps reinforce a collaborative and agile business strategy.

Redefining the world of possibilities

The implementation of AI will have a massive impact on Banks. They will have to redefine their way of working, customer interaction, services offered, etc. Constant innovation, scalability and augmented frameworks are the underlying elements that need to be used to its optimum value.

How will AI transform the digital banking landscape?

  • Employees will be able to spend more time on critical work aiding value add, eliminating routine work that can be carried out by a Bot
  • Automating routine tasks will re-strategize business processes
  • Intensification of data analytics and data combination will lead FIs to explore trends

While ascending the digital route, it is important to know the potential as well as the limitations of AI. The technology is not a replacement for employees but a tool to amplify and make the business future ready.

*Source: Fortunly statistics: These Fintech Statistics Show an Industry on the Rise

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