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How to Perform 100% Validation in Big Data Testing and Cloud Migration Testing

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February 3, 2023

Testing is an important aspect of any software development process and becomes even more crucial when it comes to big data and cloud migration. In these cases, the stakes are high, and any issues or errors can have serious consequences for the business. That is why performing thorough testing and validation is essential to ensure everything is working as expected.

In this blog, we will delve into the details of Big Data Testing and Cloud Migration Testing and discuss how to perform 100% data validation.

Data-Centric Testing & Cloud Migration Testing- An Overview

Data-Centric Testing

Data-centric testing is software testing that focuses on the data being processed by a system. It involves verifying the data’s accuracy, integrity, and consistency as input, processed, and output by the system. This type of testing is essential in industries where the reliability of data is vital, such as finance, healthcare, and retail. Data-centric testing helps ensure that the data being processed by your system is accurate, consistent, and secure, whether you are working with databases, data warehouses, or big data systems. By performing data-centric testing, you can have confidence in the quality and reliability of the data being processed by your system.

Cloud Migration Testing

On the other hand, cloud migration testing is the process of verifying that an application or system functions as expected before, during, and after it is migrated to a cloud environment. This type of testing is crucial for the success of the migration process, as it helps identify and resolve any potential issues that could impact the migration. It is essential to perform thorough testing to ensure the system is stable and ready for production in the cloud. By performing cloud migration testing, you can ensure that your system is configured correctly and functioning in the new environment.

Despite their importance, several challenges and limitations can arise during cloud migration and big data testing.

Challenges in Cloud migration Testing and Big Data Testing

Cloud migration and big data testing can be complex, resource-intensive, and time-consuming. Some of the common challenges include setting up accurate test environments, integrating with other systems, ensuring data security, managing costs, and meeting project timelines. It is essential to address these challenges and limitations to ensure the success of your testing efforts. By working with experienced professionals and implementing the right strategies and tools, you can overcome these challenges and achieve your testing objectives.

How to Enhance Data Test Validations with Quicker Turnaround Time

Data test validations are an essential part of ensuring the quality and reliability of software. However, the testing process can often take a long time, which can be frustrating and slow down development. Speeding up data test validations can be achieved through a variety of strategies.

Here are some ways that will help enhance data test validations with a quicker turnaround time.

One approach is automating the testing process as much as possible, which can reduce the time and effort required. Test data management tools can also help create and maintain a library of test data, while test data generators can help generate synthetic data to populate test environments. Using cloud-based testing environments can also be helpful, as they can be quickly set up and torn down, allowing for more frequent testing. In addition, parallel testing can be used to run multiple test cases simultaneously, and agile methodologies can help break down large projects into smaller chunks for quicker delivery. By adopting these techniques, you can enhance your data test validations and improve the turnaround time for your testing processes.

Solution Recommendations from Hexaware

At Hexaware, we understand the importance of achieving 100% data test validations even in Big Data and the need for quick turnaround times. That is why we offer a range of new-gen solutions to help enhance data test validations and improve efficiency.

One solution we recommend is the use of automation. Hexaware’s JUMBO, an end-to-end automated data testing solution helps quality assurance teams identify important insights in their data. It works across all stages of the data adoption lifecycle, including pre-extraction testing, extraction testing, and transformation testing.

Key Features & Benefits of JUMBO:

Jumbo features

  • JUMBO supports ETL validation, reconciliations, business rules validation, data quality testing, and more
  • It can compare large volumes of data quickly and has no license costs
  • JUMBO significantly reduces manual effort and can be customized for specific queries
  • It offers 100% data comparison, eliminating the need for random sampling
  • JUMBO provides user-friendly match/mismatch reports and has a custom query option
  • It maintains a repository of all previous executions for future analysis
  • JUMBO also supports NoSQL databases

Our team of experts can help you implement automation tools and processes to streamline your testing efforts.

Hexaware also recommends using our automated test data management services, which help enterprises efficiently manage the complete test and development cycle of test data. Our test data engineering team has experience using commercial tools and custom solutions to address test data needs through approaches like synthetic data generation and virtualized test data. Using cloud-based testing environments also enables more frequent testing and reduces the time required to set up and tear down test environments. Our team can help you set up and configure cloud-based testing environments to meet your needs.

With Hexaware, you can expect a license-free automated data validation solution that ensures 100% data test validations even in a huge volume of data and guarantees a minimum 50% reduction in time and cost.

Data Test Automation Solution in Hexaware

Hexaware’s Data Test Automation solution includes the development of a test automation strategy that aligns with our client’s business objectives, the implementation of customized test automation frameworks, the selection and implementation of the right test automation tools, and a range of test automation services, including design, development, and maintenance. By implementing our data test automation solution, clients can significantly reduce the time and effort required for testing, freeing up resources to focus on more critical tasks. Our team is here to help you every step of the way, from implementing solutions to providing ongoing support and guidance.

Build a Test Automation Strategy and Leverage Hexaware Solutions

Hexaware’s next-gen solution for cloud migration and big data testing can bring significant value to our customers during the migration process. This solution helps increase data coverage while performing testing, providing an alternative to traditional random sampling methods. It can also automate age-old ETL validations, reducing the time and effort required for testing. One of the unique features of this solution is the ability to perform free test/PDF comparisons with a quicker turnaround time. By leveraging this innovative solution, our customers can benefit from more thorough and efficient testing during their cloud migration projects. We support you in maximizing the value of this solution and achieving your testing objectives.

Leverage Hexaware’s ATOP Jumbo, a data testing automation solution designed specifically for data-centric testing projects such as ETL testing, DWBI testing, DB testing, and Big Data testing to enable 100% data validation. It supports heterogeneous data, making it a valuable tool for organizations looking to improve the accuracy and reliability of their data testing processes. Whether you are working with large volumes of data or need to ensure the integrity of your data as it is processed and output by your system, ATOP Jumbo can help you achieve your testing objectives more efficiently.

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