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EUC Remediation Solution – What you may not know about EUCs in your Back-Office operations!

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February 28, 2022

What are End User Computing (EUC) Applications?

End User Computing (EUC) Applications

EUC or End User Computing applications are usually developed by Business Operations teams as tactical fixes for repetitive, cumbersome, complex tasks typically performed on MS Office applications like Excel, Access or Outlook. While these provide tangible effort savings, defect reduction and various other benefits like risk mitigation – these are often outside IT governance scope. And hence pose a significant risk for Business Operations. Today, there are hundreds of hours’ worth of EUCs operating out of Financial Institution’s Back offices performing computations worth millions of dollars cumulatively.

Need for Remediation

Need for Remediation

Firstly, the technologies used to build EUCs are often not stable. For instance: a revision in the version of MS Office or an open-source library within Python may often lead to bugs that might be tough to detect. This leads to an urgent need to rewrite the app in the new environment in a fire-fighting mode. Since these are hosted on User Desktops, the risk of file deletion, file corruption, etc. remains. As you can imagine, this impacts the business operations significantly; leading to risk exposures, missing SLAs and overall client dissatisfaction.

Secondly, since these tools encapsulate complex business rules and logic that human analysts do not need to be privy to anymore; over time, these applications become the only source for such business rules. This poses a significant risk of knowledge loss in case of a sudden tool dysfunction.

Last year, the Regulators fined ~$400mn and instructed a large bank to mitigate internal risks and strengthen controls within a specific time frame. Internal Operational Risk Teams are already flagging EUCs as process vulnerabilities and recommending a slew of band-aid solutions, like adequate documentation, process trainings and inclusion of these in Business Continuity Planning. We firmly believe that these are necessary measures but not sufficient.

Our Solution

EUC Remediation offering

At Hexaware , we recommend a comprehensive approach to identify, evaluate, prioritize and remediate the EUCs in a structured manner. Led by our flagship Hyper-Automation Framework – Tensai®, our EUC remediation solution helps clients migrate quickly and effectively from unstable, tactical end-user apps developed using multiple technologies to a stable Intelligent Platform Solution; which brings this variety of EUCs under one roof, creates adequate transparency, maintains audit trail, with high-grade error handling and exception management protocols, and can be effectively governed by the Bank’s IT. The EUC Remediation solution comes with a robust framework that enables our teams to perform comprehensive code walkthroughs and reverse engineer the Business Rules quickly and accurately. Comprehensive documentation also ensures every step, process logic and business rules are recorded for easy reference.

EUC Remediation Gains, besides significant reduction in Operational Risk

EUC Remediation Gains

Our Platform Partner

We have partnerships with leading Data Automation Platform providers that cater to the BFSI sector. These are low-code/no-code platforms that are equipped with a wide array of data ingestion, transformation, and reconciliation and workflow solutions. All the functionalities of EUCs can be effectively migrated to such a platform.

In Summary

With a skilled workforce of Domain Experts and Technical Solution Architects at Hexaware along with our Tensai® framework, and the best-in-class technology from our Platform Partners; we are confident of helping you transform your Back Office by migrating the risk-prone EUCs into a sophisticated platform solution. Additionally, helping you develop capability within your firm to not only maintain & upgrade the functionalities yourself but to configure new functionalities as per your business needs.

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About the Author

Nehal Sayyed

Nehal Sayyed

Nehal Sayyed is part of our Digital Transformation Practice for Banking & Financial Services. Been in the industry for about 19 years, in various Change & Transformation roles. He has worked with clients in the Securities, Capital Markets and Banking space to help accelerate their Operations Transformation Journeys.

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