Cracking Customer Loyalty: Strategies to Engage New-Gen Customers

The unfolding of digital-first engagement paradigms has ushered in a golden era of consumer empowerment. McKinsey coins this as the ‘Zero Consumer,’ quantified by traits and behaviors of highly evolved new-gen consumers. 

Research indicates that retaining existing customers is far more strategic and cost-effective than acquiring new ones.  

A 5% increase in retention potentially raises profits by up to 95%.  

Additionally, the fragile nature of loyalty is evident, with 63% of consumers leaving a brand after a poor experience and 86% after just two or three.  

In this context, traditional paradigms of customer engagement and loyalty must be upended. This necessitates a strategic pivot for businesses to thrive. 

Understanding the Zero Consumer 

The ‘Zero Consumer’ encapsulates a significant shift in modern consumer behavior. This evolved consumer exhibits zero patience, zero boundaries, and zero loyalty, navigating seamlessly across channels in their quest to make an informed purchase. Their behaviors challenge traditionally established norms of brand allegiance, demanding brands reimagine loyalty strategies.  

Zero consumers prioritize value and utility over brand names, adeptly maneuvering across shopping platforms to secure the best perceived value. Their approach is utilitarian, focusing on the intrinsic value of transactions rather than the allure of brand identity.  

This shift necessitates rethinking loyalty for businesses, urging a pivot to deliver on utility, convenience, budget, time spent, and reduced friction to establish deep emotional connects with consumers.  

According to MarketingProfs, 80% of consumer buying decisions are emotional, while 20% are logical. 

This underscores the need for brands to recalibrate loyalty, a shift from the transactional realm to a holistic lifetime journey for each unique consumer persona. 

Crafting a New Era of Digital Enchantment 

New-gen consumers demand unique, customized, and on-point interactions with continuity across touchpoints. 

Research reveals that 71% of consumers expect personalized interactions and 76% are unhappy when this doesn’t happen. 

Personalization makes every consumer feel uniquely valued and understood. It significantly boosts satisfaction.  

Brands must achieve personalization by aggregating customer data across touchpoints. They need to mine this data, leverage analytics, deep learning, and AI to generate insights and predict unique future consumer behaviors. This data-driven experience strategy enables brands to deliver personalized content and context-rich journeys. 

Personalization elevates customer satisfaction; it transforms casual buyers into brand advocates, underscoring its importance in a crowded and competitive marketplace. 

Approach to Drive ‘Zero Consumer’ Re-enchantment

Crafting new-age brand loyalty strategies for the Zero Consumer requires weaving together insights and principles of re-enchantment. It focuses on emotional resonance, community building, immersive experiences, and a holistic approach to consumer wellbeing.  

Emotional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as Core Metrics: Shift the brand’s focus to include emotional KPIs alongside traditional business metrics. Measure success not just by sales or engagement rates but by the emotional impact on customers—tears of joy, heart swells, or moments of awe. This approach quantifies the value added to customers’ emotional lives through loyalty programs. 

Fostering Community and Connection: Foster spaces for meaningful consumer interactions and support causes that nurture connection and belonging. In an era where many feel estranged, creating social rituals or platforms that unite people can distinguish a brand, building loyalty through shared experiences. Offer moments that shift focus from individualism to collective purpose, enhancing loyalty through transformative experiences that promote wellbeing and a sense of greater connection. 

Multisensory Experiences for Enchantment: Develop brand experiences that enthrall the senses. Embrace technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to create immersive experiences that are as captivating as they are memorable. By stimulating the senses in novel ways, brands can forge stronger emotional connections with their audiences, making the brand experience more intense and engaging than reality itself. 

Embracing the Full Spectrum of Emotion: Recognize and validate the full range of human emotions in brand messaging and experiences. From joy, awe, and wonder to fear and introspection, acknowledging the complexity of human emotion can help brands resonate more deeply with their audiences.  

Break away from the predictability of the rational world by incorporating elements of intrigue, mystery, surprise, and the unexpected into the brand experience. This approach can make the brand stand out, offering consumers a delightful escape from the mundane and fostering a sense of excitement and anticipation around the brand. 

Committing to a Better Future: Align the brand with values that address societal challenges, demonstrating a commitment to creating a better future. Today’s consumer, armed with information and a networked world, are making choices that reflect their values for sustainability, social responsibility, ethical sourcing, governance and business practices. This alignment not only resonates with consumers’ desire for hope and positivity but also positions the brand as a force for good in the world, fostering loyalty among consumers who share these values. 


The essence of retaining customers, underscored by compelling research, has never been more critical, with loyalty now a delicate commodity in the face of adverse experiences.  

Businesses are called upon to innovate beyond conventional tactics, focusing on creating personalized, emotionally resonant experiences that cater to the evolved consumer’s demands for authenticity, connection, and purpose. In doing so, brands can cultivate deep loyalty and transform customers into lifelong advocates, securing a competitive edge in the ever-evolving marketplace.  

At Hexaware, we embrace the dynamic nature of modern businesses, recognizing that each business thrives on a distinct mission to acquire, captivate and retain customers.  

Our processes and methodologies are agile and adaptable; we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Our expertise across research, strategy, consulting, design, and technology, with best-in-class solution tenets, ensures resilient, scalable, and extensible experiences that rapidly mirror disruptions in consumer behavior.  

Want to learn more? We would love to connect with you at the Adobe Summit to discuss how we can help you elevate customer engagement and brand loyalty by leveraging the Adobe Experience Cloud.

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Veena M

Veena M

Customer Experience Consultant

Veena is a domain consultant with the Digital & Software group at Hexaware. Her work spans strategizing and crafting industry specific CX offerings and her areas of focus include research, GTM strategy, Web3, Branding, Content Strategy & Behavioral Economics. Beyond work, she’s an avid solo traveler and loves adventure sports. 

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