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Cloud amidst COVID-19 : Winning against all Odds


June 22, 2020


In 2020, for IT enabled organizations, Cloud is perhaps not an option anymore and may have already become a mandate. Most of them may be already in the middle of their cloud journey and looking beyond high availability, high performance, operational simplification, etc. High performance software tools and platforms hosted on “Pay for Usage” cloud environments, integrated with Cloud AI, ML, high throughput messaging, and streaming are becoming the new IT environment enabling advanced applications to achieve that competitive edge.

Cloud adoption and journey

But 2020 mostly (God Bless if recovery happens early) may also see a slowdown in new global IT initiatives amidst the volatility and macro-economic impact of COVID-19. Cloud Migration initiatives that are necessary for most IT enabled business entities today may also be impacted by this crisis.

Cloud Trends 2020 and COVID-19 Impact

1. Cloud Trends 2020 and Beyond

In this new-age advanced and integrated cloud environment, perhaps there is no place for large commercial middleware and databases. Most of the cloud environments may see a transition to lightweight open standard/open source integration ready software tools/platforms that can scale massively with “Pay for Usage” cloud environments.

2. COVID-19 Impact on Cloud Migration

The massive global lockdown resulting in loss of GDP in trillions may have a negative impact on the IT budget. Business may first focus on primarily Business as Usual (BAU) and less on new initiatives and innovation including cloud migration if the cost is significant and upfront.

3. COVID-19 Impact on IT manpower

With most of IT manpower working from home to comply with social distancing, many major Cloud and Application Transformation initiatives may see an abrupt end or slow down depending on how they adapt to the new changes.

A man with laptop working wearing mask on his face

4. COVID-19 Impact on Cloud Solutions

With most of the IT Enabled Business Group’s thinking focused on the lines of “think twice before go ahead” on any major new initiatives, major Cloud Replatforming and Refactoring initiatives may experience a slowdown. However, Cloud Migration as an imperative may be top of mind on the decision maker’s future strategic plan.

Your Today’s Win

For IT Enabled Businesses, this may be the right time to ride this wave and embrace the Cloud for resilience and staying ahead of the curve. The question arises now whether the migration would require significant investment and time because replatforming bulk legacy applications to open standard /open source technology platforms on a “Pay for Use” aka serverless massively scalable IT Environment is not that simple.

Hence any solution that can enable risk-free quick replatforming and migration with zero business disruption and guaranteed quality with lesser cost may be today’s winner.

Your Tomorrow’s Win

While risk free quick replatforming and migration with zero business disruption may be today’s game changer, the Cloud journey for IT enabled businesses may not end here, It would rather open up the opportunity of enabling migrated applications to embrace true native Cloud features for further TCO reduction and greater business agility by aligning them with business driven digital initiatives.

Such a solution that can enable risk free quick migration with zero business disruption, refactor them to be cloud native, agile and digital with minor additional investment may be tomorrow’s winner.

Win-Win for All

In such a global scenario, Cloud Migration and Replatforming that can scale with speed can reduce the IT TCO substantially and if it is way beyond the promise of TCO reduction from mere infrastructure migration to cloud, the TCO reduction itself can budget the cloud migration initiative.

Group of business people showing victory sign

Such a cloud migration scenario can be a dream come true for future ready businesses. Simply put, if the solution cost for each phase itself is less than the TCO reduction resulting for that phase, needless to say that this can be the most appropriate Cloud Migration Solution in the COVID-19 affected world.

At Hexaware, our Application Cloud Migration “Center of Excellence”, after analyzing cloud migration market trends and  consulting with our larger client decision-makers and backed by rigorous R&D has come up with “amaze® for Applications”, an advanced legacy application cloud replatforming product suite can make your application migration to the cloud easy and seamless. Amaze® uses AI, Pattern matching and Automation to automate cloud migration of legacy on-premise monolithic applications to cloud native applications on any Cloud for various industry sub-verticals like Banking, Capital Markets, Airlines, P&C , Insurance to name a few, helping transform business models as well as industry landscapes.

Check out how amaze® for Applications can work for you here.

For more information, please write to marketing@hexaware.com

About the Author

Chirodip Pal

Chirodip Pal

Chirodip Pal works with Hexaware as Product Manager for Cloudify Applications. In his current role, he is responsible for creating Cloudify Application Service Offerings and leading unique differentiators in line with Hexaware’ s Automate Everything®, Cloudify Everything® and Transform Customer Experiences® strategy. He is skilled in leading Complex Mission Critical Enterprise Business Application, Application Portfolio Modernization, and Cloud Migration Engagements. He also leads Application Cloud Migration, and Legacy Modernization Solutions by blending technology and business pain-points.

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