Usability Testing Services at Hexaware Usability Testing Services at Hexaware

Usability Testing Services at Hexaware

The Market Need

In today’s competitive digital world, all products carry almost the same features, but only those make it at the top which are intuitive. Users are not willing to spend much time trying to evaluate or understand an application as they have a wide range of options to choose from.

Forrester research says “77% of the users possibly return if an application is easy to use” and if not, it may cause businesses to fail or lose their customer base.

The Need for Usability Testing

Usability Testing is an intricate environment and requires in-depth planning and expertise on the following areas:

  • Geographic Diversity : Most applications are designed to be accessed all around the world. Hence evaluations should also cater users all across the globe
  • Technological Ecosystem : Some applications make sense only within their intended usage environment and tests should be conducted only in that context.
  • Time and Cost : Usability tests should have a quick turn-around time to report because the recommended fixes should take place in the same development cycle.
  • Security : Certain prototypes cannot be exposed pre-release and most applications carry confidential information hence usability testing should pay high attention to information security.
  • Performance : The speed of access is critical for sustaining the customer foot print and the speed in which application loads is key for user experience.
  • Accessibility : Tools help make an application compliant with accessibility guidelines but to give an equal experience to differently abled users, the testing should help engage them better.

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