Product Differentiation in the Emerging World of HealthTech Product Differentiation in the Emerging World of HealthTech

Product Differentiation in the Emerging World of HealthTech

90% of digital health start-ups fail in the first five years owing to the complex regulatory landscape, technological hindrances, or low consumer adoption. They are left with the following questions.  

Will we be able to build and deploy cost-effective patient-centric products at scale?   
How do we use emerging technology to take our idea from concept to execution, ensuring scalability, agility, and ease of use for our customers?   
How can we devise novel implementation strategies, both in terms of technology and business, to gain the acceptability of all stakeholders – from doctors and patients to regulators and insurers–all of whom must be comfortable with the new technology being adopted?  

Virtual has become the new normal in the healthcare industry. This necessitates the top HealthTech companies to reinvent themselves to stay competitive. The industry needs to innovate at scale while improving its product quality at a competitive price because quality disparity not only increases the supplier’s competitiveness but can also contribute to “market loyalty,” which is strongly linked to consumer satisfaction with the product or service.  

We have put together a whitepaper to help you take a closer look at some of the obstacles that HealthTech companies encounter, as well as potential HealthTech solutions to these challenges. Explore Hexaware’s digital product engineering solutions that offer the necessary infrastructure and resources to support the seamless integration of tools/platforms and develop agile, innovative products at scale.  

Navigate through the shifting landscapes and capitalize on opportunities ahead of the competition.

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