Guidewire Testing Framework for Autonomous Testing Guidewire Testing Framework for Autonomous Testing

Guidewire Testing Framework for Autonomous Testing

Insurance businesses are evolving to keep pace with the latest business trends and stay ahead of their competitors. For this reason, many insurers leverage the Guidewire Suite of Applications to manage their core insurance business. However, it costs time in the test automation development and maintenance, test creation, update, and execution.

Facilitating the Guidewire Testing Framework (GT: Framework) accelerates test automation by providing the platform that would help simplify testing. It enables insurers to design and execute tests for Guidewire applications running on the Guidewire Cloud Platform, including end-to-end tests. It allows teams to complete updates, resulting in improved testing coverage, fewer bugs, and reduced maintenance costs.

The GT Framework and Features:

  • Reduces the IT complexity required to standardize the non-differentiated heavy lifting
  • Accelerates the value delivery with the vision of providing world-class product quality with the Guidewire Cloud solution
  • Simplifies testing and enables behavior-driven development (BDD)

Hexaware has this GT framework specially designed to overcome the existing Guidewire testing challenges. It provides a single platform for UI, API, Data and Performance Automation. The framework also comes with pre-automated scenarios, which can be leveraged to quickly jumpstart the execution, thus, enabling faster automation implementation.

The key business outcomes of GT Framework include:

  • Single Automation Platform
  • Packaged Framework
  • Reusable Assets
  • Data Generation
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Out-of-the-box Integration

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