Guidewire Cloud Greenfield Implementation Guidewire Cloud Greenfield Implementation

Guidewire Cloud Greenfield Implementation

In an effort to break off legacy systems and reinvent businesses, modern insurers are looking forward to experimenting with Greenfield approaches. While Guidewire aids digital insurance transformation and helps you keep pace with the changing requirements, the Guidewire Cloud implementation approach will help you transform your business quickly, cost-effective, and at less risk.

To help insurance providers transform digitally, Hexaware has come up with a catalog-based service offering for Greenfield implementation across the globe. We offer three unique, compelling propositions in implementing Guidewire Cloud for insurance providers.

  • Guidewire Cloud Starter Pack – Minimum Viable Product
  • Guidewire Cloud Lite Pack – Minimum Marketable Product
  • Guidewire Cloud – Comprehensive Pack

Our Greenfield Cloud implementation approach will benefit you with a faster time-to-market (4.5-18 months), a lower-cost infrastructure, and a clean slate technology platform enabling a host of new functionalities, simplified business processes, and modern interfaces. The Greenfield approach benefits you to inspect real time and adapt immediately, compared to the traditional implementation approach where value is realized only after 2-3 years.

Hexaware’s expertise and optimal operating model, supported by a solid, flexible, off-the-shelf system like Guidewire, will help you achieve your organizational goals and objectives.

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