Webinar Recording – Leveraging 9.2 Payment Request for Empowering End Users

PeopleSoft 9.2 introduced Payment Request feature in image 6. Payment Request has seen marked improvements over time as new features continue to be released by Oracle. This feature has enabled Accounts Payable department to focus their efforts in addressing high value low volume invoices while putting the onus and responsibility of low value high volume invoices to the end users.

This has helped the organizations on various fronts:

  • Shift in responsibility from Accounts Payable team to the end users
  • End users are responsible for invoice accuracy and timely keying of invoices
  • Multiple ways of keying payment requests (desktop/laptop/tablet/phone)
  • Ability to approve Payment Requests using multiple modes (desktop/laptop/tablet/phone)
  • Leverage configurable AWE to drive workflow for Payment Requests