Webinar Recording: 5-Step Approach for PeopleSoft Cloud Migration

The world is on cloud! How about you?

It is increasingly becoming a necessity for every company to move their PeopleSoft instance to cloud – be it Oracle, AWS or any other cloud service provider. PeopleSoft migration to cloud brings immense cost savings as well as flexibilities to seamlessly move your entire data and customizations without any disruption.

In this webinar recording, you will learn various nuances of PeopleSoft cloud migration and the best practices to adopt for such an initiative. Additionally, we have given some rough estimates for this entire effort and the journey it entails. The webinar recording follows the listed resources:

  • Why and how to plan for your cloud journey?
  • 5-Steps migration path
  • Quick estimator for migration efforts
  • Managing yearly PUM updates for staying current

Watch and view the recording right away!

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