Webinar: Insights into successful Workday updates by global organizations

Presenter: Pacino Rodrigo Tda, Sr. Solutions Architect – Workday, Hexaware

Moderated by: Sharon Ianonne, AVP – Workday, Hexaware

Workday is the most sought-after product for human capital management, financial management, learning management, etc. It’s a subscription-based SaaS product with a single code line, application base and security model. Being a pioneer in cloud-based human capital management market, Workday enjoys customers across the globe.

As you know, Workday updates are rolled out every six months, specifically in March and September. The Workday 32 update was rolled out on March 9, 2019. Workday updates bring new features, enhancements, improved security, better user experience and several other benefits to the customers.

There are, however, several challenges to updating Workday, especially in a large corporation.

  • How do you manage the entire update process, which can be quite intricate?
  • Multi-country, multi-lingual updates can be tricky.
  • Have you thought about post-update support and bug fixes?
  • How to manage the integration of new features with existing business systems?

For MNCs, Workday update can be time-consuming and challenging, requiring great attention to detail.

Hexaware’s webinar focuses on the Workday update process and gives you in-depth understanding of the following:

  • Version updates for a global company with multiple countries and languages
  • Timelines and activities to consider for version updates
  • Testing process for new releases and planning a successful rollout