Webinar: Guidewire Users – Reduce your Testing Costs by 40% and increase your test coverage by 300%

Enterprises are taking active steps to accelerate the development and deployment of their Guidewire applications to maintain a competitive edge. However, they sometimes lose sight of the deliverables and what is needed to accomplish end-to-end automation. Empirical evidence shows that leveraging the best tools for achieving in-sprint automation is key to reducing costs of initial testing and future maintenance. Only then can you achieve quality with speed.

In this session, Hexaware and Conformiq experts discussed the current Insurance market with a focus on Guidewire implementations. They also reviewed an integrated framework providing customized Guidewire test processes and tools that lead to a 40% reduction in cost with a 300% increase in test coverage.

This webinar delivered key learnings like:

  • How to increase Test Coverage for Guidewire
  • The right automation strategies to lead across the testing lifecycle
  • How to optimize test automation cost using out-of-the-box models for Guidewire Insurance Suite
  • How to leverage test innovations in achieving higher productivity and effort savings

Listen to the webinar to know how other Guidewire users have achieved substantial reduction in cost and time in their software testing lifecycle.